Betfair Exchange Education and Guides

An Introduction to betting exchanges

The formation of betting exchanges like Betfair puts punters in direct competition with one another, adding an extra element of spice to the experience. Learn more about it here > 

What is the Betfair Exchange?

Since its launch in June 2000, the Betfair Exchange has developed in to the world’s largest sports betting exchange, offering punters the opportunity to back and lay bets across over 38 indvidual Sports and Specials. Learn more about it here >

Understanding Decimal Odds

When placing a bet, your odds will be displayed in one of two ways, fractions or decimals, and many betting websites, including the Betfair Exchange, now use decimal odds as standard, so it’s important to understand how it works. Learn more about it here > 

Placing a Back Bet

Placing a back bet on the Exchange is something that’s just as easy to do as it is with any other online bookmaker – and is usually a better option, as the Betfair Exchange gives you better odds in the majority of cases. Learn more here >

Laying on the Betfair Exchange

Unlike with traditional sportsbooks, by using the Betfair Exchange you can lay outcomes - essentially playing the role of bookmaker rather than punter. Learn more about lay betting here >

Cash Out

If you bet online, you’ll probably be familiar with Cash Out. It allows you to quit whilst you’re ahead, by locking in a profit before an event is finished, rather than letting the bet run and risk losing out. Learn more about it here >

Using My Bets

My Bets provides you with immediate access to all your betting history from your usage of the Betfair Exchange. As a result, this thereby replaces the need set up and maintain an ongoing spreadsheet to keep a track of your activity. Learn more about it here >

Setting your own Odds

The Betfair Exchange isn’t like other bookmakers where you have to take the price given, it’s a live marketplace where prices are constantly being haggled over. Learn more about setting your own odds here > 

Navigating the Exchange

Learning the ropes on how to navigate throughout the platform on desktop, mobile and the app certainly helps to unlock its full potential though, so stick with it, and we’ll give you some pointers here > 

Auto and Partial Cash-Out

Part of being a smart bettor is deciding how much you’re happy to take away as a win – not to mention knowing how much you’re prepared to lose – before an event begins. Auto and Partial Cash-out helps you achieve this, read more about it here >

How does Commission work?

Unlike traditional bookmakers, Betfair makes its income from commission. For every bet settled, a small percentage will be taken from the net winnings. Learn more about how that effects you > 

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is a form of soccer betting in which one team receives a virtual head start, effectively leading the game by a differing amount or amounts, chosen by the punter, before the game starts. Learn more about it here >

What is Dutching?

Defining the term 'Dutching' can be explained in its simplest form by stating that it is a process of placing more than one bet on an event to achieve a positive return if a certain set of results occur. Learn more about it here >

Arbing and Matched Betting

The term Arbing is short for arbitrage, and refers to the practice of ‘buying low and selling high’, in the context of gambling it means taking advantage of differences within odds at different bookmakers, with the aim of locating ‘Back’ odds being higher than ‘Lay’ odds. Learn more about it here >

Favourites and Longshots

One of main reasons to bet on the Betfair Exchange is that the odds are often better than traditional bookmakers, especially when it comes to outsiders compared to favourites. Learn more about it here >


Scalping is the process of capitalising on minor, short-term price changes within the Exchange market to make small profits, with a relatively low risk. Learn more about it here >

Back-to-Lay and Lay-to-Back Explained

One of the key advantages of the Betfair Exchange is that it allows bettors to create a position in a market where they can profit from several, or even all outcomes. Learn more about it here >