Anytime, First and Last Goalscorer Tips

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Football is the most popular betting sport in the world. Online bookmakers publish odds in pre-match, in-play and ante most markets. More than half of all internet sports bets are placed on football fixtures. The most bet on competitions are the Premier League in England and the Champions League.  Bookmakers display the three-way match winner market with a link to additional markets. The most popular markets are the match winner, handicaps and totals. Many bettors like to bet on the more difficult to predict markets, that have more variables, and provide the potential for a decent win from a small stake. These markets include any time goalscorer, first goalscorer and last goalscorer. The interest in these options has created a demand for anytime and first and last goalscorer tips.

Goalscorer Markets Explained 

Bookmakers typically offer three scorer markets which are covered by many online and offline sources of goalscorer tips. Here are the three types of market explained:

Anytime Goalscorer

The market involves predicting a player to score one or more goals at any stage of a match. Different bookmakers have alternate rules about substituted players and players who don’t start a match, or if there are no goals. The odds for an anytime goalscorer are generally about one third the odds for the first or last scorer. Tipsters who publish any time goalscorer tips consider team and player scoring records.

First Goalscorer 

The first goalscorer market is one of the more speculative football betting options. The favourite generally starts at about 6/1. The interest in backing players to score the first goal has led to the need for proofed first goalscorer tips. In the event of a goalless draw all bets are lost. If the first goal is an own goal, it generally does not count, and first scorer bets are settled based on the player who scores the second goal. If a backed player does not take any part, bets are refunded. There are also specific rules regarding substitutions.

Last Goalscorer

The odds for the last scorer are the same as the odds for the first scorer. There are rules concerning substations and players who do not play in a match. Own goals do not count and if the only goal is an own goal bets are settled as losers. There are many sources of last goalscorer tips online and they are free or carry a subscription charge. Some bettors prefer the last scorer market to the first scorer market as it is more likely to keep the interest going right until the end of the match. The bet runs until the end of a match and a late substitute can come on and score the last goal.  Despite the variables, there is huge demand for last goalscorer tips. 


Bookmaker Goalscorer Offers  

Bookmakers are happy to take scorer bets because of the number of variables and the speculative nature of the bet. Obviously, forwards score more goals than defenders and they are almost always the favourites in the betting. Individual scoring records are reflected in the goalscorer tips. However, the market can be unpredictable. Defenders go forward for set pieces and do score goals. Due to the unpredictability of the outcome, bookmakers encourage bettors to bet in these markets by offering promotions and bonuses. Here are some popular first, last and anytime scorer promotions:

Enhanced Odds

First goalscorer tips are in demand because of the value in the odds and bookmaker offers.  The odds on selected players are boosted in the anytime, first and last scorer markets.  A player who averages about one goal every two matches will be just under evens to score a goal. Statistically, the player is just as likely to score as not score. Bettors may be able to back the player to score at enhanced odds of 6/4. The first and last scorer odds will be boosted in similar proportions. 


Double Odds

The double odds concession is another incentive for bettors to invest in first goalscorer tips. If the backed player scores the first goal and scores another goal in the match, first scorer bets will be settled at double the odds. A team’s leading scorer will obviously be popular in this market, but other players may be available at long odds, particularly if they are defenders or unlikely to start the match. Player and team scoring statistics are useful in identifying the best bets. However, some bettors take a shortcut and pay for first goalscorer tips. The boost can provide a decent win for a modest stake.

Triple Odds

Some bookmakers take the double odds concession a stage further. If the backed player scores two more goals at any time, first goalscorer bets are settled at triple the odds.  So, when a player is 6/1 to score the first goal, customers will be paid out at 18/1 if the player scores again and completes a hat-trick. This type of bet and concession attracts small-staking bettors because of the potential rewards. The interest in this type of bet means bettors will be keen to invest in goalscorer tips. 

English Premier League And Scorer Tips

The Premier League in England is the most popular football competition for betting in the world.  The clubs have the financial resources to pay for the best coaches and players.  Some of the best overseas strikers in the world play in the Premier League, like Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) and Mo Salah (Liverpool). These names appear on any list of first goalscorer tips. Top-level strikers like Aguero and Salah would be expected to score over 20 goals a season over a full programme of 38 matches. Due to their popularity at home, English players such as Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy and Marcus Rashford are especially popular first goalscorer tips, and odds may reflect that.

Champions League And Scorer Tips

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have excellent scoring records in La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy respectively, and both in the Champions League, so are extremely popular first goalscorer tips. These two prolific players play almost every match barring injury and score goals at a fast rate. Bookmakers offer short odds on these players to scoring the first and last goal and at anytime.  Messi and Ronaldo score at rates of almost one goal a match and that record has been sustained for many years. These respective scoring records are reflected in the odds and the betting before and during a match. The club’s penalty taker should also be considered when using first goalscorer tip to create a bet.

For those interested in players to score markets, you can get free stats on every player in the Premier League, Championship and major European leagues at our football predictor site,, and on the App. This includes total shots, goals and ratios.

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