Sky Bet Request A Bet Tips

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One of the recent developments in online sports betting is custom bets. Historically, bookmakers publish odds for a range of markets for an event. From these, bettors can choose which to bet on, sometimes being able to combine options in accumulators and system bets – usually only in markets that don’t directly relate to one another. However, there is increasingly the option to create personalised bets, even including related markets. 

The Sky Bet version has led to the need for their ‘Request a Bet’ tips. The ethos is on giving more control to punters, who no longer have to settle for a bookmaker’s standard markets or options. The general term for this new facility is custom betting but ‘Request A Bet’ (RAB) is the name of Sky Bet service. 

The operator was one of the first bookmakers to introduce this innovation, so from the early days there has been a demand for Sky Bet’s Request a Bet tips.  This exciting form of betting is set to grow as more bookmakers offer punters the option to put together custom bets. There are different variations but the process involves the bookmaker constructing a new market on request – or well in advance of when it would usually be done – sometimes made up of outcomes from multiple markets, and offering a price for the multiple bet. Tipsters provide Sky Bet Request a Bet tips to aid the process.


Sky Bet Request A Bet

Request a Bet – often seen as its hashtag, #RequestABet, as used on Twitter – is Sky’s customised wagering feature that allows customers to create their own bet and ask for a price.  The options are unlimited for football matches and often include goals, cards and corners. Customers can also construct their own bets from a number of outright markets. With horse racing and other sports, bettors may request a price for a horse to win a certain race, or a competitor to win a certain event, well before the entry stage. A similar type of bet which is sometimes requested would be a ‘to win in his/her/its lifetime’ bet. This could be for a horse to win a Grand National, a tennis player to win a Grand Slam, or a football player to be picked for England.

The communication is done through Twitter and Sky Bet ask customers to tag them in the bet details tweet. Traders decide if the operator is willing to price up the bet and their odds compilers offer customers a price. Bettors are not obliged to accept the offer and place the bet once it has been priced up and put live. Other bookmakers offer a similar service under different names, including Paddy Power’s #WhatOddsPaddy and Betfair’s #OddsOnThat, and it’s well worth requesting your selection with multiple forms in order to get a best price. But being the most well-known version, the Sky option leads to much interest in Sky Bet’s Request a Bet tips.


How Does Request A Bet Work?

Here is a step-by-step guide to requesting a bet with Sky Bet:


1. Subscribe to Sky request a bet tips. 

2. Register with Skybet and claim the welcome bonus if not an existing customer 

3. Login to a Skybet account and toggle selected events to Request A Bet

4. Create the bet with a number of options given

5. Alternatively you can ask for a price using Twitter, with the hashtag #RequestABet

6. Await a response, and reject or accept the offer you’re given


The request is sent to the Sky Bet trading team by tweeting @SkyBet. This service is available using the website and mobile app. The offer may take some time so it’s best to send the tweet well before the event begins. Customers have access to all the requests and the odds from other customers and registered bettors can bet on these custom bets.  The popularity of RAB has led to demand for Sky Request a Bet tips.  The service offers great flexibility and some very unusual bets are sometimes taken, providing they are not easily open to exploitation. Paddy Power in particular are well known for their irreverent brand personality, and #WhatOddsPaddy may be your best bet, so to speak, if you’re looking to place money on something outside the norm.

Related Contingencies

The outcomes of some football betting markets are linked to other options. The events are related which means the combined regular odds are too generous, as one outcome happening would involve the other(s) being significantly more likely to happen. Bookmakers reduce the odds accordingly to reflect the combined probability. For example, the match result is related to the number of goals scored by each team, and the number of corners is likely to affect the number of shots. These scenarios are known as related contingencies.

Before customised betting appeared, customers could bet on a few set combinations such as first scorer and correct score.  Bets are not settled by multiplying the odds for each element but there is an adjustment to take into account the link between the two markets. Related contingencies are a factor when subscribing to Sky RAB tips. SkyBet is not the only online bookmaker to offer odds taking bet links into account and it is common practice for all sports betting operators.

Worked Examples

Here are some worked examples of SkyBet RAB which can lead to a great deal of interest in Sky request a bet tips:

Premier League Matches

There is an enormous betting turnover on some Premier leagues fixtures, one of the largest being for the Manchester derby. In such games, many pundits will be encouraged to offer Sky Bet Request a Bet tips. Customers could construct a custom multiple bet with the following selections, as an example:

• Manchester United to win

• Number of Manchester United corners

• Number of Manchester City bookings

• Over/Under total goals

• Marcus Rashford first scorer

• Number of Manchester City goals


Clearly, a number of these markets are related so SkyBet will reduce the regular odds, rather than simply combine them as is the case for an accumulator.  If Marcus Rashford scores the first goal, Manchester United’s prospects for a win increase significantly. If Manchester City score, they are more likely to win the match.

Champions League Matches And Outrights 

Here is an example of a custom bet that combines match events and outright winner outcomes. The process is the same and there are experts who sell Sky Bet RAB tips for the fixtures, such as this example includes ties between Salzburg and Liverpool and Chelsea and Lille:

• Liverpool to beat Salzburg

• Number of Napoli goals

• Number of Napoli bookings

• Liverpool to win Group E

• Chelsea to beat Lille

• Chelsea to win the Champions League


All of these six outcomes can happen but there are related contingencies, so the offer is adjusted and the odds are reflected in any Sky Bet RAB tips. 

Euro 2020 Outrights 

Here are six potential outcomes for outright markets at Euro 2020:

• England to win Euro 2020

• England tournament goals

• Harry Kane to be the top scorer

• Belgium to win Group B

• Belgium to reach the final

• Eden Hazard total goals


Again, a number of these contingencies are related which means the odds are adjusted down accordingly.

Custom bets are here to stay which means over time, subscribers will be happy to invest in Sky Bet Request a Bet tips.

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