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Soccer Saturday is the hugely popular Sky Sports programme that provides score updates for the matches in the Premier Leagues and other professional leagues in England and Scotland. Pundits watch the action from the main matches and report goals and major incidents to the host, Jeff Stelling. Sky Sports have the same branding as Skybet, and betting with the latter is integrated as part of the show. The Super 6 is a tipping competition that forms part of the programme, and creates a huge amount of interest amongst viewers – and in turn huge demand for Super 6 tips. As the scores come in, the host announces if any viewer has a good chance of winning the Super 6. The promotion is a major conversation topic and the interest in the bet creates the need for informed Super 6 tips. 

What Is The Super 6?

The Super 6 is a tipping competition and the objective is to predict the correct score outcome of six fixtures. Sky Sports select the matches, which all begin at 3pm on Saturday. There is a prize fund of £250,000 which is on offer for entrants who predict the correct score of the qualifying matches. With such a lucrative prize up for grabs, competitors are prepared to invest in Super 6 tips. The competition is free to enter so competitors easily number in the hundreds of thousands. The number of entrants means there is a market for winning Super 6 tips – correct score betting is difficult, so it’s tough to get more than one result right, never mind all six. Analysing scoring records is time consuming, which is another reason so many viewers invest in Super 6 tips. The prize is rarely won with the nature of the game being so difficult, but nonetheless tipsters continue to deliver Super 6 tips.


Super 6 Odds And Correct Score Betting

Bettors like correct score betting because there is the potential for a decent win from a small stake. The shortest-priced scoreline in a correct score market is usually about 6/1. Bookmakers offer outcomes up to a certain price, often 100/1, and any other unnamed outcome at the same price. 

The Super 6 first prize can be won by any entrant who gets six scores correct, though the number of variables is huge and the bet is in practice almost impossible to land. Therefore, most weeks the reserve prize of £5000 is given to the player who gets the closest overall, scoring the highest number of ‘points’. The Super 6 is a good promotion for Sky Sports and benefits experts who publish Super 6 tips. There is no entry fee but customers could place a correct score acca on six results with a bookmaker. From a £1 bet the potential win would probably be more than the first prize of £250,000, but could easily exceed the win limit. Entering the Super 6 is the better option because the prize is guaranteed and entry is free. Therefore, there are many subscribers to proofed Super 6 tips who see the cost as a good investment.

Super 6 And Scoring Statistics

Super 6 or correct score bettors and tipsters can use all manner of score data available, including goals scored either per team or per player involved, taking into account both home and away form. One angle to go with would be using Expected Goals or xG data to help predict the number of goals likely to be scored by each or both teams. You can find free xG data, tips and predictions for the Premier League and Championship at our football predictor site,, and on the App.


Super 6 And VAR

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is now affecting correct score outcomes in the Premier League. At the moment its unclear if the technology is resulting in more goals. However, final scores are now dependent on VAR decisions which means there are implications for the Super 6. Scoring records and trends are important elements of Super 6 tips. If there are more goals, the bigger priced options will be more likely to occur. The more VAR is used, the more accurately tipsters will be able to study scoring statistics and modify the Super 6 tips accordingly. It is debatable whether the Super 6 will be more difficult to win – and will almost certainly remain very difficult – but either way, the demand for Super 6 tips is likely to remain.

Offers And Promotions 

For accumulator bettors, the Super 6 promotion is seen as one of the best gambling-related offers. Even though there is no entry fee, the competition is akin to a correct score accumulator. Every selection has to be correct or the entry is a loser. In a single line accumulator, one wrong selection means the bet does not win. Bookmakers offer acca insurance and enhanced accas for football multiple bets with four or more selections.  In theory, bettors could subscribe to Super 6 tips and use the tips to create a correct score accumulator with a bookmaker, or vice versa. Bettors can win a jackpot prize so are prepared to pay for Super 6 tips which form their Super 6 entry.

Super 6 And The Premier League

Sky usually selects mostly matches from the Premier League for the Super 6. The competition requires six fixtures that kick-off at 3pm on Saturday, but a number of Premier League fixtures begin at different times over the weekend because they are being shown live on television. In that case, Sky includes matches from the Championship to make up the numbers. Tipsters must examine scoring records for that league when devising Super 6 tips. The Super 6 takes place on each Saturday during the Premier League football season. If there is a full programme of midweek fixtures, there will be a midweek Super 6. Tipsters provide Super 6 tips for Saturday and midweek competitions.

Super 6 And The Championship

There are a number of international breaks during the football season. There are no fixtures in the Premier League on those dates. The Super 6 then contains mostly fixtures from the Championship. Scoring statistics are different to the Premier League which impact Super 6 tips. There are fewer closely matched fixtures in which the betting is close. The £250,000 prize fund applies to Championship matches in the Super 6. There is no drop in demand for Super 6 tips during international breaks.

Super 6 And The FA Cup 

Some Premier League fixtures are postponed during the latter rounds of the FA Cup, as multiple Premier League teams tend to progress to the fourth round, quarter finals and beyond. The programme of matches in the Premier League might not provide enough fixtures for the Super 6 at 3pm on Saturday, so more Football League ties might be included. The make-up of the Super 6 affects the Super 6 tips. Some tipsters may be better at providing Premier League correct scores than football league outcomes and vice versa, so subscribers should be aware who provides the most profitable Super 6 tips for each.

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