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Note that Betfair Exchange prices are available to logged in customers only and are not included in the best odds calculation.

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Timeform terms of use for desktop website and app


These Terms of Use exist between you and Timeform Limited ("Timeform"). By using Timeform and/or Infogol desktop and/or mobile sites/apps and by registering with Timeform you agree to be bound by, and comply with, the Terms of Use.

Users must be over 18 years of age. Timeform information is supplied for the exclusive use of the individual subscriber and must not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without explicit permission in writing. Please read our full copyright notice below. Commercial users in any doubt about whether their current or intended usage infringes these terms should contact Timeform for clarification.

If we make significant changes to these Terms of Use we will take appropriate steps to bring such changes to your attention (such as by placing a notice of change in a prominent position on the Timeform web site). It is your responsibility to check those Terms of Use from time to time to ensure you agree with them and your continued use of the Timeform web site will be deemed to be your acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Use.

These terms were last updated on 24th August 2021 to clarify wording, specifically around subscription payments and permitted uses of free credits.

Fair usage

We operate a 'fair usage' policy and, while normal behaviour will not contravene this, excessive high-frequency calls, by any means, may result in suspension of access to Consistent with our copyright policy below, data capture including, but not limited to, screen scraping is expressly prohibited.


We will make every reasonable effort to ensure the desktop and/or mobile sites/apps are continuously available and that interruptions to service will be kept to a minimum and, where possible, advertised in advance. However, we do not promise that the website, products or individual features will be available at all times or at specific times. There will be no right to compensation or refunds, in full or part, arising from interruptions to service or non-availability of products unless expressly covered elsewhere in these terms and conditions nor any liability accepted for losses, direct or implied, arising from the same.


In order to access some content, and to make any purchase, you will need to be registered. There is no charge to register.

To register you are required to complete all mandatory fields, including a permanent email address at which you can be contacted in the event of queries about your account. We do not accept registrations from email domains specifically designed to offer temporary mailboxes and, for security reasons, we reserve the right not to respond to account enquiries sent from different addresses. You may opt out of promotional emails at any time using the account management page.

Certain services may not be available in certain countries due to regulatory conditions.

Concerned about privacy? See our privacy policy below.

Account Balances and Account Management

Account balances held with Timeform may only be used to purchase goods and services from Timeform. For the avoidance of doubt, any bets placed with Third Party Bookmakers via the Timeform desktop and mobile sites/apps are transactions between you and the Third Party Bookmaker alone and such bets may not be placed using money held in any Timeform account.

To fund an account online you must use a credit or debit card.

The minimum online transaction is currently £5. (Please note that all transactions are posted in GB sterling, so the amount paid may vary for international customers.) The charge for any download is then deducted from your current account balance, but only once you have confirmed the download request. If an account balance neither increases nor decreases for a consecutive period of four years the account will be considered obsolete and will be closed without further notice.

We may also consider accounts obsolete when they have a zero balance and have not been accessed for a consecutive period of at least three months. Such accounts may also closed without further notice.

Only one user may be logged in to a single account at any time and this user may only have one active internet session.

Promotions and Free Credits

Unless expressly stated, all promotional offers on Timeform goods and services, whether online or offline, are made on the basis of one claim per household. Repeat use of promotion codes is prohibited and the setting up of multiple accounts or other such action in an attempt to avoid restrictions will lead to access to those accounts being denied and balances being removed in full without notice.

Promotional credits (also referred to as 'free credits' and 'complimentary credits', the same rules applying to each) are normally awarded

  • through vouchers that form part of specific promotions providing additional free credits for your account.
  • in exchange for components of pre-purchased bundle offers, for example Timeform Race Cards for abandoned meetings and no-bet days on Jury Daily, such credits being awarded on a pro-rata basis.

Promotional credits may be used only for individual online services available on this website and may not be used for subscription payments, printed products, or telephone-based products. No refunds will be given for credits awarded in this way.

Where applicable, and when available, the cost of any eligible transaction will be deducted from your promotional balance before your real-money balance is charged.

Promotional credits must be spent within 28 days and may be lost at any time thereafter. We may send reminders during this 28-day period but no other notice will be given about the loss or other removal of the free credits.

Your account management page, accessible by clicking your account name while signed in, shows you the split between your real money balance and promotional balance.

Online Timeform Race Cards

Timeform Race Cards for meetings in Britain and Ireland will usually be available by 4.30pm on the day on which final declarations are made. The exception is for meetings for which declarations are made on Saturday. These will normally be published on Sunday morning. Very occasionally important festival meetings may also be covered by cards published at the five-day stage.

Purchasers may download the Timeform Race Card for the same meeting up to five times at no extra cost. If you download a Race Card for a meeting which is subsequently abandoned before racing commences, we will return the credit used to your account by the end of the next working day.

The format of the pdf version of the Race Card is identical to that of the version that is sold on the racecourse. You will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or similar software, to open these files.

Printed Timeform Race Cards

Printed Timeform Race Cards are sold at most major racecourses. Please contact us for specific details of availability.

Important note on printed publications

The printed Timeform Race Card and the online Timeform Race Card are separate publications and have entirely separate pricing structures and promotions. Unless paying for both versions separately, it is not permitted to download a card and then to exchange it for a printed version on the racecourse. Special offers available at may not be available on the racecourse (and vice versa). The same guidelines apply for other products which are published in both electronic and printed formats, such as Horses To Follow Extra and the Timeform Bloodstock Sales Guide.

Race Passes – recurring subscriptions

If you have a PayPal account you can activate a recurring payment immediately by following the instructions available on the site. Subsequent charges to your PayPal account will be made to the schedule implied at the time of purchase. For example:

  • If you take out a monthly subscription on 16th of the month the next payment will be charged to your PayPal account on 16th of the following month.

You can cancel your next PayPal payment using your PayPal account itself or by contacting our customer services team.

The same recurring charges apply regardless of how much racing takes place during the period covered by your payment. The full cost of the subscription payment is charged to your PayPal account and balances and promotional credits may not be used against these payments. No refunds, in part or in full, will be issued once a payment for a period has been processed.

We require a minimum of two working days’ notice if you wish to cancel your recurring payment. If a payment is declined by your payment provider then access to Race Passes will be suspended immediately.

Race Passes – non-recurring subscriptions

Race Passes are also available by timed access (currently for 1, 3, 7 or 28 days).

Timed access is continuous and begins at the time of purchase unless a valid order is already in progress, in which case the new purchase takes effect immediately following the end of the existing one. The account summary page shows the expiration date and time of the current subscription.

The same charge for timed access applies regardless of your Race Passes usage within that period or of how much racing is scheduled. No refunds will be issued once a subscription has been activated.

Race Passes – individual races

When purchased individually, a Race Pass page may be visited any number of times without incurring additional charges. There is no limit to how many runners in the race may be clicked on, nor how many times each of them may be clicked on. However, if you purchase an individual race at the entry stage please note you are purchasing access to a race number (e.g. Race One) at the meeting and not the specific event. This means that if the race order changes at the declaration stage your purchase will apply to the new race in this position on the card and it may be necessary to make an additional purchase to view the original contest.

Horse search

The Timeform Rating which appears alongside each horse's name in these searches is the current master rating(s) or, in the event of horses that have retired or been exported, its most recent master rating(s). Similarly the commentary is relevant to the latest occasion on which the horse ran in a race covered by Timeform. Please note that the horse may have run since its Timeform details were last reviewed, particularly in the case of a horse that has been exported from Britain/Ireland or one that has never raced there.

Similarly, where a trainer or owner is shown, these details apply to the last occasion the horse came under the Timeform microscope and they should not be taken to imply that they are still connected with the horse.

Database Coverage - Horse Racing

Timeform provides commentaries and ratings for all horses that have raced in Britain since the early 1990s. Comprehensive coverage of Irish jumps racing began in October 2007, and of Irish Flat racing in February 2008. Selected European pattern races and Grade 1 races in North America are also covered. A larger number of overseas horses are covered by ratings only (see below).

Updating information after the race

Timeform Ratings and commentaries are constantly reviewed in the light of new form evidence. For racing in Britain and Ireland a provisional performance rating appears soon after the race and a report is usually published within a few hours. Note that these initial impressions are always subject to confirmation following broader consultation across the editorial team and that these may occasionally lead to substantial revisions once the full review of the day's racing has been completed. During this period, a very recent performance rating may also be significantly higher or lower than the master rating shown.

The review is normally completed by 17:00 GMT the following day. The most notable exception to this schedule is Saturday racing, which is completed by close of business on Monday. Very occasionally the volume of racing on Bank Holidays means that work on the minor meetings may not be completed to this schedule. Timeform commentaries are usually updated within 24 hours of the performance analysis being published.

Please note that the same Horse Search enquiry can usually be repeated several times within a given period without additional cost. This means, for example, that if the particular horse enquiry you have requested does not yet incorporate the latest start then you can look again later in the day (or the next day) at no extra cost. We regret it is not possible to provide a specific time by which particular work will be completed.

Ratings for the top horses in the other major racing nations covered by Timeform will normally be revised within two or three days of a start. At busy times, however, there may be a longer delay. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Timeform Ratings are maintained for all racing in Britain and Ireland, and for significant pattern races in Europe and Grade 1 races in North America. Other ratings, such as those for racing in Dubai, are compiled for the interest of subscribers but may not be available to the same schedule.

Note for bloodstock advertisers

As the Timeform editorial database is constantly being updated it should be used for information purposes only. References to Timeform in bloodstock advertisements should quote either Timeform end-of-season (formerly annual) ratings or provide a date for in-season ratings. Specific permission to quote Timeform in bloodstock advertisements is not required providing any quotations or ratings used accurately reflect our overall opinion and are credited.

My Timeform

My Timeform features, including My Tracker, My Dashboard and My Filter, are currently available free of charge to registered users. As with all Timeform services, use of the services is acceptance of these terms of use.

You may store comments of up to 8,000 characters associated with any horse on the Timeform database and/or opt in to receive alerts or email notifications about entries and results for those horses covering races in Britain and Ireland. These alerts and emails are not dependent upon or subject to the marketing preferences you have chosen. You are responsible for managing these notifications via the tools provided.

Comments must not be profane, libellous or malicious. Timeform does not warrant that these comments will be available at any specific time and there is no right to access the comments through any means other than through the normal use of Timeform web and mobile applications. Accounts not used for a continuous period of more than 12 months may have the comments and alerts removed without notice.

Any material you add to the site is at your own risk. Timeform accepts no liability for the loss of this material or failure to reproduce content on request or for email alerts that are not delivered on schedule (or at all).

Database Coverage - Greyhounds

Timeform provides results for greyhound races in Great Britain since January 2013. Content of results may change over time as datasets are added or removed.

Updating information

Information is published in real time as we receive files from our third-party data partner. No warranties are given about the specific availability of pre-race information or post-race results, times or ratings, nor their accuracy.

Database Coverage - Football

Infogol coverage begins with the 2014/15 English league season. Other competitions have been added subsequently at various times and may be removed at any time without notice.

Updating information

Information is published in real time as we receive files from our third-party data partners. No warranties are given about the specific availability of pre-match information, in-game updates, or post-match results. Users should note that previously published live data is subject to revision after review.

Timeform Jury

Membership of and/or receipt of any information that forms part of the Timeform information service (including the Jury and Jury Daily) is provided under strict Terms of Use. Information is provided on the express understanding that it is for the customer’s personal use and not for disclosure or resale to any third party. It is a condition of these terms that information must not be disclosed to others or reproduced or published in any form without Timeform’s prior written permission. Timeform owns or has rights to all such information. We reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings against any person breaching these Terms of Use or inducing others to breach these Terms of Use. Use of any Timeform information service shall be deemed acceptance of the Terms of Use for that service.

Charges for the Jury relate to a specific period of time, agreed and identified within the offer to join. Timeform regrets that misunderstandings concerning the duration of a subscription cannot be rectified once a PIN number has been issued. The same charges will apply, regardless of the number of days on which bets are recommended or of the number of days the member calls. Unless stated in the terms of a specific offer, membership of the service will be considered to have begun at the time of placing your order. No refunds will be available on the unused part of any subscription.

Online shop (

All purchases must be paid for at the time of ordering and items may not normally be purchased using promotional credit balances, the exception being online versions of printed products (e.g. the Bloodstock Sales Guide) and Sectional Times spreadsheets.

After successfully placing an order you will receive confirmation to your registered email address, including the details, mailing address, and expected posting date(s). If you do not receive this email please contact separately to confirm receipt. Please do not repeat the order, as this may result in multiple charges to your credit/debit card.

A contract is not formed until the first item in your order has been despatched. We verify the amount you have been charged as part of our auditing procedures, and if a product's correct price at the time you placed your order is either lower or higher than that shown at we will contact you and invite you to resubmit your order at the correct price.

Advertising statements

Advertising statements regarding Timeform top-rated horses, and races won by them, are based upon the top-rated Flags displayed in the final declared version of the Timeform Race Card and within Race Passes. To ensure consistency in the calculation of performance statistics, if the horse carrying the top-rated Flag for a race is subsequently announced as a non-runner there is considered to be no Timeform top-rated in that contest. Statements relating to other Flags, such as Horses In Focus, are based on the same declared information, not on Flags that may have been shown at other times.

Advertising statements regarding Infogol selections are based upon the following: Analyst Verdict--the advised price, available with Betfair Sportsbook at the time of first publication; pre-match value bet and predictions--selection and Betfair Sportsbook price at 07:00 on matchday; pre-match first/anytime goalscorer--selection and Betfair Sportsbook price at the time line-ups are first published by Infogol; Half-Time Team Talk recommendations--selection and Betfair Sportsbook price at the time of first publication. Please note in particular that as 'value bet' and other selections are based on the odds available at the time the original selection(s) may change if the market moves significantly.

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites of interest. However, once you have used these links to leave our site, you should note that we do not have any control over that other website. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide whilst visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this privacy statement. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

Bet Placement

In addition to the general Terms of Use the following terms apply expressly to Bet Placement through links available on the Timeform desktop and/or mobile sites/apps.

The odds displayed are received directly from selected Third Party Bookmakers and are as close to real-time as possible. All of the odds shown remain the property and responsibility of the Third Party Bookmakers themselves.

All such data is shown in good faith and Timeform does not guarantee its availability or accuracy, nor accept liability for errors in prices, odds, incorrectly calculated winnings, events or markets or odds changes prior to a bet being placed and will not be liable for any loss suffered by any party if the service is unavailable or inaccurate in any way.

Opening a betslip either navigates you to the Third Party Bookmaker’s site or connects you to the Third Party Bookmaker’s betting API. Please ensure you check all your bet details are correct on the betslip before placing a bet. You are solely responsible and liable for all activity that occurs after leaving the Timeform desktop and/or mobile sites/apps and for activity on the Third Party Bookmaker’s account.

Certain promotions may be subject to withdrawal or cancellation and may only be available for specific periods and on certain specific terms. You must ensure that the promotion you are interested in is still available, that you are eligible, and that you understand any terms which apply to it.

Terms and conditions vary between Third Party Bookmakers and you are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the individual terms and conditions involved. At the discretion of the individual Third Party Bookmaker the following error correction policies may be used:

Incorrect Price

Prior to the start of an event, In-Play or after the event, where an obvious error is identified any open bets will stand and be settled at the bookmakers revised price. Any bet placed where the outcome is already known when the bet was placed will be void.

Wrong Participant

If a wrong participant is quoted for any event, bets placed on that participant will be void and bets on other participants may also be void.

If you are concerned a mistake has been made then contact the Third Party Bookmaker you placed the bet with directly.

Copyright and Liability


Copyright in all Timeform Publications is strictly reserved by the Publishers and no material therein may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photo-copying recording or otherwise without written permission of Timeform Limited. Timeform is supplied to the purchaser for his personal use and on the understanding that its contents are not disclosed. Except where the purchaser is dealing as a consumer (as defined in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 Section 12) all conditions warranties or terms relating to fitness for purpose merchantability or condition of the goods and whether implied by Statute Common Law or otherwise are excluded and no responsibility is accepted by the Publishers for any loss whatsoever caused by any acts errors or omissions whether negligent or otherwise of the Publishers their Servants Agents or otherwise.

Privacy Policy


This Policy applies to our websites, application, products or services that link to this policy or do not have a separate privacy policy (collectively our “Services”).

This purpose of this privacy policy is to give you a better understanding of:

  • what information we collect;
  • how we use that information;
  • how this information is shared;
  • your rights; and
  • other useful privacy and security related matters.

We hope you take the time to read this policy. It is important to check back often for updates to this policy. If we make changes we consider to be important, we will let you know by placing a notice on the relevant Service and/or contact you using other methods such as email.

Who is the Data Controller?

The Flutter Entertainment data controller is Power Leisure Bookmakers Limited of Power Tower, Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, D04V972.

And, what about the Data Protection Officer, or is it DPO?

Yes, Flutter Entertainment have appointed a Data Protection Officer ('DPO'). While our DPO can be reached at, our Customer Service team will be your initial point of contact if you wish to exercise your rights. Please see the 'Your Rights' section below..

Information we collect 

When you use our Services, we collect the following types of information:

Information you provide us:

We collect information about you during the account registration process for any of our Services. This information may include, but is not limited to your name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, credit/debit card details and any other details as might be requested from you for the purpose of registration and/or continued use of our Services.

We may also collect information from you if you request information or customer support.

Additional Information collected:

We may also collect the following information:

  1. name, contact information and message if you contact us or participate in a survey, contest or promotion;
  2. details such as traffic information, location data and other communication data (including IP address and browser type) collected by your availing of the Services;
  3. device information including unique device identified;
  4. pages visited and content viewed, links and buttons clicked, URLs visited before and after you use our Service. For more information about cookies and how to manage them please see our Cookie Policy;
  5. information and communications on forums on the websites, including chat rooms and message boards, profile comments, in-game challenges and chat messaging with game operators or other users;
  6. your betting, gaming, deposits, payments, payment method and other account transactions - these are routinely analysed to assist us in improving the Services we provide to you;
  7. your telephone or Live Chat conversations – either to place a bet or a customer service call;
  8. your response to marketing campaigns from us or through our third parties i.e. open/click on such emails;
  9. your social media profile details (name, profile photo and other information you make available to us) when you connect with or contact us through a social media account;
  10. information derived based on profiling activity (see below); and
  11. information from third party databases to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

You may also choose to provide personal data directly to us by way of contacting us via our “Contact Form” on our website. The personal data is limited to your name and contact information and is used in line with our legitimate interests to manage and respond to inbound communications. The communications via the Contact Form are kept private by being sent directly to our secure internal systems, which we then use to manage and respond accordingly.

Third Party and Publicly Available Sources

Not all the personal information we hold about you will always come directly from you. We may also collect information from third parties such as our partners, service providers and publicly available websites (i.e. social media platforms), to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, offer Services we think may be of interest, to help us maintain data accuracy and provide and enhance the Services.

If you log into one of our products through Facebook, Facebook provides us with some of your Facebook user details. We may use these details for the purposes of our registration process and to market our products and Services to you on Facebook.

Cookie Collection

We collect browser and cookie information when you first navigate to our websites. We use cookies to give you a better customer experience and for use of access. Certain cookies will allow you to leave and re-enter our Websites without re-entering your password. This will be monitored by a web server. For more information on the use of cookies, how you can control their use, and information relating to our internet-based and mobile advertising, see our cookies policy here.

How do we use this information

We process personal information for these Services- and business-related purposes:

  • Account setup, verification and management: We use personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, and information about your device to set up and administer your account, provide technical and customer support and training, verify your identity, process payment information and send important account and Service information. To allow quicker account registration should you open a betting account with another company within the Group (for example, if you were to open an account with Paddy Power, we use the verification documents submitted to Betfair to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements).

    As a condition to using our Services, we will ask you to share your precise geolocation so we can ensure that we are authorised to provide the Services to you in your location. The above processing is required in order for us to provide the Services to you pursuant to our terms and conditions.

    To verify your age and accuracy of your registration details, including disclosure of such information to third parties e.g. financial institutions and third party reference agencies. This is required for the purpose of our complying with our legal obligations

    We may also use personal information to enforce our terms and conditions.
  • Personalisation: We use personal information to deliver and suggest tailored content to personalise your experience with our Services. This is processing which is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests in delivering or presenting relevant content to our customers.
  • Marketing and events: Subject to any preferences you have expressed (where applicable), we use personal information to deliver marketing and event communications to you across various platforms, such as email, telephone, text messaging, direct mail, online, push notification or otherwise. We will do this during the period of your relationship with us and, unless specifically instructed otherwise by you, for a reasonable period of time after the relationship has ended in order to inform you about products, services, promotions and special offers which we think may be of interest to you.

    If we send you a marketing email or SMS, it will include instructions on how to opt out of receiving these marketing communications in the future. You can also manage your information and update your marketing preferences through the “Personal Details” link when you login to your account. Please allow up to 48 hours for any changes you make to your marketing preferences to be fully processed. Please remember that even if you opt out of receiving marketing emails, we may still send you important Service information related to your accounts and subscriptions.

    Most browsers and applications also allow you to control notifications settings. For example, when you first download our betting application on IOS, you will be asked to allow or block notifications from our application. Please refer to your browser/app settings for full details.

    We will, from time to time, send you marketing material which may of particular interest to you based upon your behaviours i.e. your betting and gameplay activity, trends and interests. These marketing messages will provide you with information about the products, services, active promotions or offers available to you by any company within the Group (including, but not limited to, Paddy Power, Betfair, Timeform, Sportsbet, BetEasy, FanDuel, TVG, Adjarabet, Sky Betting and Gaming, Full Tilt, PokerStars and FOX Bet) ) and information about products and services provided by our selected partners and third parties.

    Except where we use your personal data for marketing purposes on the basis of your prior written consent and subject to any opt out preferences you notify to us in respect of electronic direct marketing communications, we process personal data for marketing purposes as necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests in promoting our products and services.

    We may publish players’ aliases and/or chat names, along with any winnings and prizes received, on our websites in accordance with our legitimate interests.
  • Risk Management: In order to provide the Services to you and for our legitimate purposes, we process personal data to evaluate and manage risks to our business.
  • Show and measure ads and Services: We use a combination of information collected such as advertising cookies, your email address and your onsite activity to show you targeted and relevant advertisement on a selection of whitelisted websites across the world wide web and social media websites. This information can also be used to measure and analyse the effectiveness and reach of these ads, to help us improve and refine our marketing strategy in accordance with our legitimate interests.
  • Surveys and polls: If you choose to participate in a survey or poll, any personal information you provide may be used for marketing or market research purposes in accordance with our legitimate interests.
  • Diagnostics, research and development: We use personal information for internal research and development purposes, to help diagnose system problems, to administer our websites, to improve and test the features and functions of our Services, to develop new content, products and services. To carry out testing and analysis. This processing is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests.
  • Chat rooms, messaging, and community forums: A number of our Services provide features including chat rooms, messaging services, and community forums for collaboration, peer connection, games, and information exchange purposes. Depending upon the Service, the personal information you choose to post, share, upload, or make available is public and visible to others who use those Services. You should never post or share any information that is confidential or about others unless you have permission to do so. We may use information you provide in community and event profiles and forums to personalise your experience and to make content and peer connection recommendations. These services may have their own Terms of Use and, where appropriate, their own privacy statements.
  • Legal and regulatory obligations: We may be required to use and retain personal information for legal and compliance reasons, such as the prevention, detection, or investigation of a crime; or fraud. We may also use personal information to meet our internal and external audit requirements, information security purposes, and as we otherwise believe to be necessary or appropriate: (a) under applicable law, which may include laws outside your country of residence; and (b) to respond to requests from courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, and other public and government authorities, which may include such authorities outside your country of residence.
  • Profiling: In accordance with our legitimate interests detailed below or to comply with our legal obligations, we carry out profiling and analysis based upon your location data, age, betting and gameplay activity, interests and behaviours for the following purposes:
    1. Customer segmentation to offer you tailored products and services, and more relevant marketing. For example, if the majority of your bets are placed on horse racing, we will aim to primarily send you marketing material related to horse racing;
    2. Risk and trading analysis; and
    3. Licensing and legal obligations i.e. Responsible Gambling, Anti Money Laundering, Age Verification, prevention of fraud and to ensure the integrity of sporting events.
  • Other purposes: We may be required to use and retain personal information for; loss prevention; and to protect our rights, privacy, safety, or property, or those of other persons in accordance with our legitimate interests.

How is the information shared

Your personal information may be transferred or disclosed to any company within the Group or, subject to appropriate agreement, to third parties, for the processing of that personal information based on our instructions and in compliance with this policy and any other appropriate confidentially and security measures.

Within the Group:

Any reference to the "Group" within this Policy includes Flutter Entertainment plc and all or any of its direct or indirect subsidiary undertakings, joint venture partners, and their related companies wherever located in the world as may exist from time to time including, but not limited to, , Paddy Power, Betfair,  Timeform, Sportsbet, BetEasy, FanDuel, , TVG,Adjarabet, Sky Betting and Gaming, Full Tilt, PokerStars and FOX Bet. Any member of Flutter Entertainment plc may use and share, within the group and with its advisors, the information you provide and other information it holds about you for the following purposes:

  • Account set up, verification and management;
  • Marketing and events
  • Risk management; and
  • Legal and regulatory obligations.

Our third-party service providers & partners:

The Group may, from time to time, retain trusted third parties to process your information to provide us with services globally, including for customer support, information technology, payments, sales, marketing, data analysis, research and surveys. As part our agreements with our partners, we may be required to share your information for the purposes of calculating fees and benefits owed.

Third parties for legal reasons:

We will share personal information when we believe it is required, such as:

  • To comply with legal obligations and respond to requests from government agencies, including law enforcement and other public authorities, which may include such authorities outside your country of residence;
  • In the event of a merger, sale, restructure, acquisition, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets, or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings); and
  • To protect our rights, users, systems, and Services.

Regulatory or Sporting body

Your personal information including, but not limited to, your registration details, betting records, records of payments, device information etc., may also be disclosed to any regulatory or sporting body (with whom the Group has agreements (Memoranda of Understanding or "MOUs") for the sharing of such data) in connection with policing the integrity or enforcing the rules of a sport or game and/or prevention and detection of crime and where the Group considers that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you may be involved in a breach of such rules or the law, have knowledge of a breach of such rules or the law or otherwise pose a threat to the integrity of the relevant sport or game based upon our assessment of your betting behaviours or it may be based on information provided to us by a regulatory or sporting body. Those bodies may then use your personal information to investigate and act on any such breaches in accordance with their procedures.

International Transfers

Flutter Entertainment plc operates businesses in multiple jurisdictions some of which are not located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Countries outside the EEA do not always have strong data protection laws. Where we transfer personal information from the EEA to other countries in which applicable laws do not offer the same level of data privacy protection as in your home country, we take measures to provide an appropriate level of data privacy protection. For example, we use approved contractual clauses, intragroup agreements and other measures designed to ensure that the recipients of your personal information protect it. We take steps to ensure that the information we collect is processed according to this privacy policy and the requirements of the applicable law wherever the data is located. Please contact us below if you require further information.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you, as a data subject have a number of rights which are detailed below. Some of these only apply in specific circumstances and are qualified in several respects by exemptions in data protection legislation. We will advise you in our response to your request if we are relying on any such exemptions.

  • Access to personal data: You have a right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you. Should you wish to make such a request, please see the Contact Us section for information on how to contact us.
    You should include adequate information to identify yourself and such other relevant information that will reasonably assist us in fulfilling your request. Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Correction of personal data: You can request us to rectify and correct any personal data that we are processing about you which is incorrect. We provide you with account settings and tools to access the information associated with your account.Please note that to change your postal address for mail order items you must contact customer services directly. This change cannot be made online.
  • Right to withdraw consent: Where we have relied upon your consent to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent.
    To opt out of marketing, you can use the unsubscribe link found in the marketing communication you receive from us. For other marketing preferences, you can visit the ‘Personal Details’ link when you log into your account or the “Contact Us” option within the relevant Service.
  • Right of erasure: You can request us to erase your personal data where there is no compelling reason to continue processing. This right only applies in certain circumstances, it is not a guaranteed or absolute right.
  • Right to data portability: This right allows you to obtain your personal data that you have provided to us with your consent or which was necessary for us to provide you with our products and services in a format which enables you to transfer that personal data to another organisation. You may have the right to have your personal data transferred by us directly to the other organisation, if this is technically feasible.
  • Right to restrict processing of personal data: You have the right in certain circumstances to request that we suspend our processing of your personal data. Where we suspend our processing of your personal data we will still be permitted to store your personal data, but any other processing of this information will require your consent, subject to certain exemptions.
  • Right to object to processing of personal data: You have the right to object to our use of your personal data which is processed on the basis of our legitimate interests. However, we may continue to process your personal data, despite your objection, where there are compelling legitimate grounds to do so or we need to process your personal data in connection with any legal claims.
  • Rights relating to automated decision making and profiling: You have the right not to be subject to a decision which is based solely on automated processing (without human involvement) where that decision produces a legal effect or otherwise significantly affects you. This right means you can request that we involve one of our employees or representatives in the decision-making process. We are satisfied that we do not make automated decisions of this nature.

How to contact us

For any requests related to your personal information or any of your rights referenced above, please feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:

Email: with the subject line: Timeform privacy practice.

Post: European Data Protection Officer, Power Tower, Bellfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, Ireland 

Filing a complaint

If you are not satisfied with how we manage your personal data, you have a right to make a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority.

Other useful privacy & data security related matters



We retain personal information for as long as we reasonably require it for legal or business purposes. For the majority of the jurisdictions in which we operate, subject to us not having a legal or regulatory requirement or a risk management reason for retaining your information for a shorter/longer period of time, your information will not be kept for longer than 7 years post account closure. Please note that we may be required in certain circumstances to retain your information indefinitely (for example under our procedures on responsible gambling and self-exclusion). We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the privacy of information is maintained for the period of retention.


We recognise that online security and data protection is an area of vital importance for all our customers, so it is important to us that you have confidence in the security of your personal details before you register an account. We are committed to employing security measures to protect your information from access by unauthorised persons and to prevent accidental or unlawful processing, disclosure, destruction, loss, alteration and damage. Our technological security solutions are very advanced and are governed by a mature framework. Our approach is focused on preventing risks. In order to help us in this regard, we employ pseudonymization and encryption whenever possible to reduce the impact of any potential incidents. As the security of some communications via the internet is not completely secure, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you disclose using your internet connection. You accept the inherent security implications of using the internet and the Group will accept no liability for any direct, consequential, incidental, indirect, or punitive losses or damages arising out of such an occurrence.


You should be aware that when you access or use our content, products and services, we may collect information from your devices through the use of 'cookies'. Cookies perform various different functions, and the purpose of this policy is to give you a clearer understanding of: 

  • What cookies are
  • Why do we use cookies
  • How we use cookies
  • How you can control the use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Your browser makes cookies available each time you visit our websites. Click here to see how you can control the use of cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used by our websites to improve your online experience and to ensure that relevant content and functions are delivered and used more effectively.

We use both session cookies and persistent cookies to perform various functions across our sites.

Session cookies are downloaded to your device temporarily for the period that you browse a particular website; these cookies might allow you to navigate between pages more efficiently or enable websites to remember the preferences you select. Persistent cookies can be used to help websites remember you as a returning visitor or ensure the online adverts you receive are more relevant to your interests.

How we use cookies?

When you visit our websites, Cookies will be placed on your device in two ways. Cookies placed by Flutter Entertainment, as the site operator, are called "first party" Cookies. Cookie may also be placed on your device by a party other than Flutter Entertainment, such cookies are known as "third party” cookies. Examples of the uses of third party cookies include collecting information about browser habits and providing tailored content to you.

While there are many different uses for first and third party cookies, the cookies used by us all fall into one of the following four main categories of cookies: 

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Performance Cookies
  • Third Party Marketing / Targeting Cookies

Set out below is more information on these categories of cookies, including their purpose and whether these cookies collect personal data: 

Cookie Type

Strictly Necessary Cookies


These cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to navigate our websites and to use the features you have requested during the course of your betting experience (such as using your bet slip). They are used to provide content to you, as a user, and to provide products and services that you have requested.

Such cookies are essential to help your device download or stream information so that you can navigate around our websites, use its features and allow you to return to pages you have previously visited.

More information

Here are some examples of strictly necessary cookies:

  • To position information on your device or screen so that you can see and use our websites;
  • To keep you logged in when you use our website so you are not required to log in every time you visit; and
  • Remember and update your selections in your bet slip during a live session up to the time of its placement.

These cookies do not remember your preferences or username beyond your current visit.

Data Collection

Yes some of these cookies do collect your personal data in order to function. They may collect the following types of personal data:

  • IP address
  • Location data
  • Identify you as being logged in our websites

Cookie Validity

These cookies are deleted when you close your web browser (browser session). Click here to see how you can control the use of cookies.


Cookie Type

Functionality Cookies


These cookies are used to recognise you when you return to our websites and allow us to remember the choices you make and to enable us to provide improved features. They also enhance the functionality of our websites by storing your preferences. Functional cookies record information about choices you've made (such as language preference) and allow us to provide more personal features.

More information

Here are some examples of the uses of functionality cookies:

  • To remember your preferences and settings such as language, location and marketing preferences, since your last visit;
  • To remember selections in your bet slip;
  • To remember if you have used a specific product on the website; and
  • To show you relevant 'related article' links.

Data Collection

Some of these cookies do collect your personal data, to enable us to provide the services as outlined above.

Cookie Validity

Functional cookie expire after a maximum 2 years. Functionality cookies can be deleted from your browser history at any point before their expiry time. Click here to see how you can control the use of cookies.


Cookie Type

Performance Cookies


These cookies are used to collect information on website usage. Such cookies are used to provide aggregated statistics on visitors to our websites. These statistics are used for internal purposes to help us to test and improve the performance of our websites, providing a better user experience.

More information

Here are some examples of the uses of performance cookies:

  • To provide statistics on how our websites are used;
  • To see how effective our adverts are; and
  • To assess errors within the user experience.

Additionally, we use a number of tools to assess cookie information at an aggregate level to carry out analytical functions on our site including, Google Analytics and Maximizer.


Data Collection

While these cookies do not identify you personally while you are not logged in, they will collect your browser information and anonymised data, for the purposes outlined above.

In certain cases, some of these cookies are managed by third parties such as Google Analytics. These third parties are not capable of using these cookies for any purpose other than those outlined above and they are unable to identify with these cookies.


Cookie Validity

Performance cookies are valid for varying periods. Some performance cookies are deleted once you close your browser, while others have an indefinite validity period. Such cookies can be deleted at any stage using your browser settings. Click here to see how you can control the use of cookies.


Cookie Type

Third Party Marketing / Targeting Cookies


These cookies are used to deliver Flutter Entertainment advertisements relevant to you, based upon your interests.

They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

More information

These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the products you have selected. We will use this information to make our website and the advertising displayed more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Targeting cookies are also used to:

  • Collect information about browser habits to target website content and to target advertising;
  • Link to social media networks who may use this information about your visit to target advertising to you;
  • To provide advertisers with information on your visit so that they can present you with adverts that you may be interested in;
  • Deliver content and marketing communications tailored to your interests based on information from your visit;
  • To perform site retargeting. A retargeting pixel (a tiny unit of code) on our webpage leaves a cookie in the user’s browser, which causes our adverts to be displayed or to not be displayed to you when you visit certain websites within the retargeting network (e.g. Google Display Network); and
  • To perform search retargeting, which allows our adverts to be displayed on third party webpages, based upon your previous web search activities.

Data Collection

Third parties (including, for example, advertising networks and providers of external services like web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies on our websites. These cookies are likely to be analytical/performance cookies, or targeting cookies. Please note that no personal data is collected, an advertiser is unable to associate the cookie with a particular individual's name, address or other personal information.

These cookies are placed by third party advertising networks with our permission.

Cookie Validity

Third party cookies are valid for varying periods. Some cookies expire up to 13 months after they are last updated. Click here to see how you can control the use of cookies.


How can you control the use of cookies?

You can amend your browser settings to block some or all cookies. To do this, follow the instructions provided by your preferred web browser. For your ease of reference we have provided the links below which provide instructions on how to remove and delete cookies for some of the more common web browsers. Please be aware that if you block cookies from the websites, some or all the website's functions may not perform as intended: 

Mobile phone users may have to refer to their handset manual for details on how to block cookies using their mobile browser. For more information about online behavioural advertising cookies and opt-out controls, please go to More information regarding opting out of platform based advertising can be found at

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