Sports Betting

Cricket Betting Guide

The rise of the Indian Premier League and T20 cricket has seen an increase in betting on cricket – both in terms of its popularity and the number of markets available. Learn more about betting on cricket > 

Golf Betting Guide

Betting on golf is growing in popularity all of the time, along with the different markets you can bet on - giving you different opportunities. Get our introduction to golf betting here >

Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball is one of the most exciting sports, thanks to its fast pace and constant scoring. Betting on basketball has the potential to make it even more exciting, provided you know what to do heading into the games. Learn more about betting on basketball > 

Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing is a brilliant sport to watch and can be even more exciting if you have placed a well-considered and well-researched bet on the outcome of a big fight. Learn more about betting on boxing > 

Super Bowl and NFL Guide

New to the world of NFL and the Super Bowl? Here we've put together a guide looking at how it all works - helping you get insight into this popular sport. Learn more about betting on the NFL > 

Betting on Greyhounds

Greyhound racing takes place daily in the UK apart from Christmas Day and, each day, there are a number of different meetings scheduled across the country - so there are plenty of opportunities for a bet. Learn more about betting on Greyhound's > 

Darts Betting Guide

It’s easy to get caught up in the atmosphere if you are watching darts live. However, if you’re serious about implementing a profitable strategy when it comes to betting on darts there are a few key points to bear in mind. Find out more about betting on darts > 

Handicap Betting Guide

Handicap betting, which can include line betting, Asian handicap, the spread, and points betting, is available across a wide range of sports and is sometimes more popular than typical match betting as it offers the punter a more competitive market to place a bet on. Learn more about it here > 

Snooker Betting Guide

Snooker is a highly entertaining game, with intrigue, tactics and a calming rhythm to the sport attracting crowds of fans to watch the world’s most talented players. Here we take a look at betting on snooker - Learn more about betting on snooker > 

Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis is one the most exciting sports in the world with some of the greatest players of all time having graced the courts in recent years. There is plenty of action going all year round in this elegant sport and there is a wide array of markets for punters to consider when it comes to tennis betting, on both sportsbooks and exchanges. Learn more about betting on tennis > 

Rugby Betting Guide

Rugby is one of the most physically demanding contact sports, played worldwide and enjoyed by millions of fans around the globe. Watching it can be tense and emotional, with the experience heightened further by the options which rugby betting offers. Learn more about betting on rugby > 

Cycling Betting Guide

Cycling is regarded as one of the hardest professional sports for its participants and it is partly the toughness of the discipline that attracts millions of fans around the world to cheer on their favourite riders. Cycling betting includes an array of interesting markets, with plenty of opportunity to profit for knowledgeable and strategic punters.  Learn more about betting on cycling > 

F1 Betting Guide

Formula 1 betting is an industry within itself that provides fans with another avenue of immersion in this most adrenaline-based of pursuits. Learn more about betting on Formula 1 > 

Political Betting Introduction

Political betting has grown significantly in popularity in recent times, with huge events such as the UK’s European Union membership referendum on Brexit in 2016 being one of the biggest political moments in decades. Find out how to bet on politics > 

Betting on eSports

The term esport is used to describe sports competitions played using video games. There are several different genres of games which are commonly played as eSports; each genre tends to have two or more popular games associated with it. Learn more about it here >