Safer Gambling

What is Safer Gambling?

The very essence of gambling is risk – understanding the risks we take and managing that risk well is what defines our enjoyment of betting, as well as our potential success in it. Find out more about gambling safely>

What is Problem Gambling?

Gambling can be very addictive, so it's important we regularly question our motivations for doing it, and be honest about the issues it might be causing – even if we spend relatively little time or money on it. What problems can gambling cause? >

How Does It Feel To Have a Gambling Problem?

Gambling problems can manifest in all sorts of ways, but some will be familiar to many gamblers. Read about the problems one gambler experienced before deciding to quit.  Read one man's story >

Strategies to Keep Gambling Sensible

'Play smarter' is Timeform's slogan, and our betting philosophy. But what exactly do we mean by that, and how can you give yourself the best chance of a positive gambling experience? How to play smarter >

Tools to Help You Gamble Safely

Bookmakers – and increasingly, banks and spending Apps – have been introducing an increasing array of tools to help us stay aware of our gambling, and help control spending. Learn more about the tools >