Under/Over 2.5 Goals Tips

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The average number of goals per match in the main European domestic leagues is just below 2.5.  There are slightly fewer goals in international football but the scoring rates are in the same ballpark. The introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) may prove to increase or decrease scoring averages over time. However, since the Premier League was launched at the start of the 1992/93 season, scoring averages have been consistent, with variances across teams. 

In Champions League football there are observable patterns during the group stages and knockout rounds, partly due to the away goals rule, which dictates that a goal scored away from home carries more weight than one scored at home, and can therefore be used as a means to separate two teams that are tied on goals scored after home and away legs. The interest in betting on the number of goals in a Premier League or Champions League match has created demand for over 2.5 goals tips. 

What Is Over 2.5 Goals Betting? 

Bookmakers offer over 100 betting markets for a typical football fixture. One of the most popular betting options is Under/Over total number of goals, the standard market for which is over/under 2.5 goals, that being roughly the average in the top leagues. Bettors are happy to invest in over 2.5 goals tips to give them an edge. In addition to the total goals markets, bookmakers typically offer odds in the following categories:


• Main 

• Asian Lines

• Cards

• Corners

• Half

• Player

• Minutes


Over 2.5 goals betting is a two-way market. The goals are expressed in halves to prevent a tie. The demand for over 2.5 goals tips reflects the popularity of this market. However, bookmakers typically publish odds for Over/Under 0.5, 1.5. 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 goals and occasionally more, especially if one team is deemed overwhelmingly superior and likely to score several goals. Typical odds for two closely-matched teams are 10/11 for each outcome, over or under 2.5 – but the odds can range from widely on the game and bookmaker. Either over or under can be a big favourite and the underdog is priced accordingly. An alternative goals’ market is a three way and includes full goals and the tie.


Other Over/Under Goals Markets

There are two other markets that are closely related to total goals and over 2.5 goals tips:

Result/Over 2.5 Goals

This bet combines the match result and the number of goals. Over 2.5 goals tips are useful when betting on the potential outcomes, of which there are the following six:


1. Home win and over 2.5 goals

2. Home win and under 2.5 goals

3. Away win and over 2.5 goals.

4. Away win and under 2.5 goals.

5. Draw and over 2.5 goals – this requires at least 4 goals to be scored (2-2)

6. Draw and under 2.5 goals


The odds are compiled based on the three-way match result market and the projection for the total number of goals. Potential bettors can research these markets themselves or subscribe to over 2.5 goals tips. 


Both Teams To Score/Over 2.5 Goals  

This bet combines the BTTS market and the number of goals. Over 2.5 goals tips are useful when betting on the potential outcomes, of which there are the following four:


1. BTTS Yes and over 2.5 goals.

2. BTTS No and under 2.5 goals. 

3. BTTS Yes and over 2.5 goals. 

4. BTTS No and under 2.5 goals. 

The odds are compiled based on the BTTS market and the potential number of goals. Researching scoring records is time consuming, so the alternative is investing in over 2.5 goals tips.  

Offers And Promotions 

Bookmakers offer a portfolio of a welcome offers and ongoing promotions for current customers. Most of the new customer offers come in the form of free bets or odds boosts. The current ongoing promotions are sport and event specific. For example, customers may be able to avail of a free bet if no goals are scored, or a bookmaker may boost the odds for the number of goals in a match after 90 minutes.

Acca insurance and acca odds boosts can be found on a number of sites. The qualifying bets can be over/under totals. Be mindful though that some offers only include the match result market, and may not be valid once a match has begun. 

Customers can generally cash out over 2.5 goals bets during a live event or after one leg in an acca has already been settled. Timing is the key to being profitable and the cash out option can be left too late. The odds can move against the bet with a single goal and sometimes it’s better to limit the damage – it’s best to decide how much you’re happy to cash out for in advance!

Total Goals Betting Competitions

In the 2019/20 season, the following competitions are popular for Over/Under 2.5 goals betting:

Premier League

Bettors subscribe to a number of over 2.5 goals tips which are useful when betting in the totals goals market for matches in the Premier League. The bets can be combined in multiples or system bets. There are plenty of sources for team scoring averages, including our own football predictor site, Infogol.net. Many sites also publish the number of matches by team in which there have been more than 2.5 goals. The most popular goals-related tipping services are for over 2.5 goals tips. These services may also advise over 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 tips for Premier League fixtures. The bets can be placed in pre-match and in-play markets. These are similar betting options for the number of goals scored by each team. These markets can be in bands or over/under totals. Customers can also bet on the number of goals in the first half of any match.

Champions League

The Champions League brings together the best club sides in Europe. There are three phases during the competition: qualifying fixtures, group stages and knockout matches. Bookmakers offer over 2.5 goals totals during each stage of the Champions League. On average, more goals are scored in the knockout rounds than in the groups. Scoring records are reflected in the odds and over 2.5 goals tips. By extension, both teams score in more matches in the Champions League, than they do in the Premier League.  Bettors can bet on over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 for each fixture in the Champions League – sometimes even more, especially in the pre-tournament qualifying stage, where large, successful sides can often be tied with relatively small ones.

Euro 2020 

Euro 2020 brings together 24 nations in the finals of the European Championship. There are six groups of four teams. The top two teams and four best third-placed teams will progress to the last 16 and the knockout rounds. The goals averages increase round by round. Scoring averages are reflected in the odds and any over 2.5 goals tips for matches in Euro 2020.  

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