Lucky 15 Tips

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The Lucky 15 is a popular bet because it offers the potential for a large return from small stakes. The popularity of the bet has created the demand for Lucky 15 tips. Potential subscribers should look at proofed results over three months or more before investing in Lucky 15 tips. The bet was introduced in betting offices in the UK but is now offered by online bookmakers in various parts of the world.  Many betting sites feature a Bet Calculator which works out the profit from a bet comprised of Lucky 15 tips or other selections. The bet requires a small strike-rate to make an overall profit, and as such has been withdrawn from the offering of a few bookmakers. The Lucky 15 is a speculative bet which has led to the need for Lucky 15 tips.

System Bets And Accumulators

The most popular football and horse racing bet is the single. Bettors can combine two or three options in doubles and trebles. A bet that has four selections or more is called an accumulator.  This is a single line bet in which all selections must win. System bets bring together selections in permutations. System bets are not single-line wagers which means all the selections do not need to win to guarantee a profit. System bets combine doubles, trebles and accumulators. Some system bets, such as the Lucky 15, also include singles. The nature of the bet is reflected in Lucky 15 tips which feature four selections for each bet. 

What Is A Lucky 15?

The Lucky 15 is a system bet, made up of four selections in all combinations: four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one accumulator. Subscribers to Lucky 15 tips receive four selections for each bet. A Lucky 15 can be win or each-way. A Lucky 15 bet without the singles is known as a Yankee, and Lucky 15 tips can also be used for this combination bet, which also requires four selections. If one of the Lucky 15 tips loses, the remaining combinations are three singles, three doubles and one treble. If two Lucky 15 tips are losers, the bet becomes two singles and one double.  There are 15 bets in a win Lucky 15 and 30 bets in an each-way Lucky 15. That means a £1 win Lucky 15 costs £15 and a £1 each-way Lucky 15 costs £30.


Other System Bets

Here are the other popular system bets that complement the Lucky 15 and Lucky 15 tips:

• Trixie 3 selections and 4 bet combinations 

• Patent 3 selections and 7 bet combinations

•Canadian5 selections and 26 bet combinations

•Lucky 315 selections and 31 bet combinations

• Heinz 6 selections and 57 bet combinations

• Lucky 63 6 selections and 63 bet combinations

• Super Heinz 7 selections and 120 bet combinations 

• Goliath 8 selections and 247 bet combinations

A Patent is a Trixie with singles; a Lucky 31 is a Canadian with singles; a Lucky 63 is a Heinz with singles. These system bets create the demand for tips in addition to Lucky 15 tips.  There is no Super Heinz and Goliath bet with singles. Bettors can place win or each-way system bets and the latter means double the stake compared to win bets. Lucky 15 tips can be used for these bets and the combinations range from 8 bets for an each-way Trixie to 492 bets for an each-way Goliath.  The stake unit depends on the individual but there is a cost when subscribing to system bet tips, including Lucky 15 tips. The objective is to cover the cost of the tips and more from winning bets.

Bonuses And Promotions

Some online bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions related to system bets. The offers provide a good incentive to invest in Lucky 15 tips and place the bet.  A leading operator trebles the odds if a customer has just one successful selection in a Lucky 15. This bonus can cover the original bet stake if the win is at 14/1 or longer. Other operators enhance the return for an-all successful Lucky 15. The cost of the Lucky 15 tips is relatively modest when a customer has four winning selections and is eligible for the bonus. The Lucky 15 can include selections from extra place horse races and football markets that have benefitted from enhanced odds. Lucky 15 tips are useful for Lucky 15 bets with selections from horse racing, football and other sports, and a combination of all the betting sports.  


Lucky 15 And Horse Racing

The Lucky 15 is a popular horse racing system bet that requires four Lucky 15 tips.  The bet features a selection in each horse race and can be win or each-way. A lucky 15 bet is possible on four outright winner ante-post markets. An each way Lucky 15 can include horses running in extra place races. The general place terms are based on the type of race and number of runners. The most bet-upon Lucky 15 which creates the need for Lucky 15 tips, is on the winner of four races at the Cheltenham Festival. Lucky 15 tips are useful for race day and ante-post racing Lucky 15 bets. You can find Timeform's antepost and pre-event Lucky 15 tips for the Cheltenham Festival here.

Lucky 15 And Football

Customers like to combine four teams or outcomes in a Lucky 15 football bets which means there are plenty of subscribers to football Lucky 15 tips. The most popular leagues for Lucky 15 tips are the Premier League in England and the Champions League.  Tipsters offer many subscription services for football Lucky 15 tips for an extensive range of leagues and Cup competitions. Lucky 15 bets can combine four selections in pre-match and ante-post markets. It is not possible to place a Lucky 15 bet during a live match so there is no interest in Lucky 15 tips once a match has begun.

Lucky 15 And Other Sports

Bookmakers allow customers to place Lucky 15 bets on many other individual sports, and a combination of sports. For example, a bettor can place a Lucky 15 bet on the winners of four match bets in golf. The popularity of the sport as a betting vehicle means there is some demand for profitable golf Lucky 15 tips. There is the potential for similar betting in tennis, though unlike golf (where players who finish in the top spots are considered ‘placed’) you cannot bet each-way in tennis, apart from in tournament outright markets. Some tipsters provide Lucky 15 tips across one sport, such as racing or football, or a mix of sports for one bet.

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