Football is by far the most popular betting sport in the UK. In fact more than half of all sports bets are placed on the wide variety of football markets, and one of the most bet-upon of those is Both Teams To Score. The interest in this bet has created a demand for profitable BTTS tips. Customers can bet on this market before a match begins and during live betting, with odds updated as the match progresses and there are goals. So as more time elapses with no scoring, the odds on both teams finding the net generally increase. 

Bettors can invest in proven BTTS tipping services and pay a subscription for the tips. Alternatively, you can do your own research. Some of the team scoring statistics that are most useful in identifying BTTS betting opportunities are Expected Goals stats, also known as xG – the model our Infogol football betting site and App is based on. Infogol provides free tips and xG data on the following leagues, often including BTTS tips:


English Premier League 

English Championship

Spanish La Liga

Italian Serie A

German Bundesliga

French Ligue 1

Brazilian Série A


What Is BTTS?

BTTS is a two-way market: yes or no. For an idea on the frequency of goals scored, the most common team goals total per game in the top European domestic leagues is one goal.  The second most common team total is no goals. The average number of goals in an English Premier League match is about 2.5. These scoring trends create two popular football markets: Over/Under 2.5 goals and BTTS. With these averages, in most Premier League fixtures, there is approximately an even chance of there being more than two goals, or of both teams scoring. The odds therefore are often longer than the ‘better’ team’s odds to win the game, which makes these bets popular enough that bettors can purchase BTTS tips or refer to free online BTTS tips quite easily.

BTTS Odds And Statistics

The odds for both teams to score in any match depend on each team’s scoring records, current form and available players, and also factor in the match betting odds. If both teams average two goals per match, the odds on both scoring will usually be much lower than even-money. If both teams have a low scoring average, the odds on both scoring could be well above even money. These statistics are taken into account whenever a tipster publishes BTTS tips, but good tipsters will also take into account the price given, in order to ensure value. 

If there is a big favourite and big underdog in a match, it follows that there is more chance of both teams not scoring than both finding the net. In a closely-matched tie when both probabilities are about even-money, bookmakers might offer 10/11 for each option, yes or no, in order to generate a profit margin. Because of this, you can often get better odds on the Betfair Exchange for BTTS, seeing as the operator does not take a profit margin but instead relies on a small percentage commission from winnings.



VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is now a part of English Premier League football. The technology is also used in other leagues and cups. It is debateable whether VAR has increased or decreased the average number of goals in a Premier League match, because there is no alternative scenario to measure against exactly. VAR can increase the chances for both teams to score if, for example, it leads to more penalties and decisions made in favour of the attacking team. Conversely, referees may decline more penalty appeals and disallow more goals as a result of VAR. Time will tell if scoring or decision trends change markedly due to the use of VAR, and must increasingly be looked at when bettors consider BTTS tips.

BTTS Offers and Promotions 

Some bookmakers offer enhanced odds and boosts for accumulator bets. Commonly, bookmakers boost the return from winning accas when there are four selections or more. The percentage boost is based on how many outcomes are in the bet, from 4 folds to 15 folds or more. One of the qualifying markets with some of these offers is BTTS, though be cautious and check the terms as they often only include match results. The more customers can enjoy the benefits of promotions related to this bet, the more BTTS tips are likely to become available. Analysing scoring records for a number of matches is time consuming  and the alternative is investing in BTTS tips. 

Acca insurance is a promotion that credits bettors with the stake in the form of a free bet when there is one losing selection in a bet with four legs or more. This concession is also popular so BTTS tips are important in deciding the options to back in a BTTS multiple bets.


Competition Betting on BTTS

BTTS and the Premier League

The English Premier League is the most bet-on competition in the sport. Many matches are shown live on television both in the UK and all around the world.  Live TV coverage increases betting  and the BTTS market is one of the most popular. Approximately half of all Premier League fixtures  produce at least one goal for both sides. There is a demand for BTTS tips related to Premier League fixtures and the odds are attractive with a high level of competition between bookmakers. 

BTTS and the Champions League

Scoring records and dynamics are different in the Champions League and these elements relate directly to BTTS tips. Matches in the group stages are played on a round-robin basis, with home and away fixtures, and teams play both home and away legs in the knockout rounds also. Because the away goals rule – highest number of goals scored away from home – is used as a secondary method to decide which of two teams progresses, it could be crucial for one team not to concede a goal, or to score significantly more goals than their opposition. The motivation to play defensively or offensively affects the number of scoring opportunities in a match. If there are fewer attacks there are likely to be fewer goals and the odds on both teams scoring are lower than average, so punters have to carefully consider match scenarios when devising BTTS tips. The overall tie situation may lead to more goals and will often be reflected in the BTTS tips for the Champions League.

BTTS and Euro 2020 

The finals of the European Championships are the second biggest international football tournament for betting after the World Cup. Every fixture in Euro 2020 will be shown live on free-to-view television. Betting interest will be huge and one of the most popular markets will be BTTS. There are up to four live matches each day at punter-friendly times, so winning BTTS tips will be highly sought-after for both both pre-match and live betting. International scoring records, squad selections and recent head-to-head results will affect the odds and the selections in BTTS tips. Bettors can do their own research but that will be time consuming when there are matches each day so the other option is to subscribe to or follow proven BTTS tips like Infogol. Check it out, here.

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