Using My Bets

My Bets provides you with immediate access to all your betting history from your usage of the Betfair Exchange. Accessible on desktop, mobile and on the app, users can access vital information on all settled or unsettled bets, including the event, date, odds, stake, outcome – all presented in a clear, up-to-date manner. As a result, this thereby replaces the need set up and maintain an ongoing spreadsheet to keep a track of your activity.

How to use ‘My Bets’?

To locate and navigate through your betting history, users can find this information under the ‘My Bets’ section to the right-hand side of the page at the top of the screen. An alternate way in which you can access this information is through clicking on the ‘My Account’ tab and selecting the ‘My Exchange Bets’ in the drop-down menu.

Betfair Exchange users who access the platform via mobile, will see three tabs displayed at the top of the page when navigating the ‘My Bets’ section, listed as Open, Settled and Multiples, all of which will be defined below. 

• An 'Open' bet can be simply outlined as a bet which has been placed in markets which are yet to be settled or which you haven't exercised the cash-out option.

• The 'Settled' bets section enables you to access your entire betting history – showcasing the ups and downs from your activity on the Betfair Exchange.

• Under the ‘Multiples’ tab, any Sportsbook bets you have placed will be displayed.


The benefits of using ‘My Bets’

• Historic data of settled bets

If you wish to locate and identify a specified bet, this can also be actioned within this section of the website, with the function enabling you to input the date range that you would like to search. For instance, if you want to search for all betting activity for the month of March following the Cheltenham Festival, you can do just that – with profit & loss displayed, along with the total amount staked, and your net deposits.

Utilising the ‘Exchange Bets’ drop-down navigation allows you to also view your betting history on the Exchange as well as any Exchange Games and Tote Bets usage, if you have opted to use those specific products.

The desktop page is laid out in a similar manner, but there will also be a visible tab for ‘matched’ bets – those that are live – and ‘unmatched’ bets, those where a fellow bettor is yet to accept your price offered.

• Profit and Loss

Making use of the historic information within the ‘My Bets’ section allows Betfair Exchange users to quickly and accurately discover their Profit and Loss levels from their gambling activity, thus removing the need to maintain and update an ongoing spreadsheet to monitor this. 

A key benefit of accessing this information is that users can identify which types of bet are proving profitable for them and those which are not, to then tactically change their approach towards betting and gaming activity in response. 

On the other hand, if a user notices that they are losing more than they feel comfortable with, it may well prove to be a starting point in addressing the issue, which is something that Betfair are fully supporting with, and offer a wide-range of Responsible Gambling support to help users overcome any problems they may face within their gambling activity. 

Found within the My Account section of the Betfair Exchange, users can learn more about Player Protection tools which Betfair have introduced in order to ensure that gambling remains a leisurely and fun activity for all of their users. Once accessing the Player Protection Tools section, you can easily navigate through the range of support mechanisms and opt in to whichever you believe are most suitable for your situation, simply clicking on the ‘Edit’ button where it will take you through to an additional screen to outline your desired criteria for that given tool.

We’ll quickly run through a range of Protection tools which can be used as part of a responsible approach to gambling.

Session Timer & Reality Checks

Activating these Player Protection Tools will help you to consider the amount of time that you are spending gambling. Reality Checks allow you to set a pop-up reminder which will alert you when you have reached a given amount of time on the desktop, mobile site or app. In addition, the Session Timer tool will log you out of your account once you have reached your specified time allowance, again giving you more control over your gambling activity.

Deposit & Loss/Transfer Limits

This responsible gambling tool allows you to set a maximum deposit limit for a specified period of time, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly in order to ensure that you remain in full control over how much money you are staking over a specified timeframe.

Similar to the Deposit Limit tool, activating the Loss/Transfer limit can allow users to keep in complete control over the amount of money that they have lost or transferred to other areas of the Betfair Exchange over a specified timeframe (keeps track of what has been transferred to the Casino, Games and Sportsbook). The status for the usage of each tool can be seen clearly (see example below).


Time Out & Self Exclusion

If you’ve decided that you’d like to take an enforced break from your gambling activity, there is a tool which allows you to effortlessly do just that. Using the Time Out tool enables you to choose how long you would like to suspend your account, allowing you to take a break from any betting activity, ranging from 24 hours right up to a maximum of 30 days. Within this timeframe, you will not be able to place any bets, though you can still access the My Account if you require to do so. Upon completion of your Time Out, you will be asked to confirm whether you wish to reactivate your account and have the option to prolong the suspension of your account if you would like further time.

Another option is the Self Exclusion process. Again, another tool which can be quickly and easily accessed by users of the Betfair Exchange, the Self Exclusion tool allows you to suspend your account for a considerable period of time, ranging from 6 months right through to a permanent closure/suspension of your account. Whilst registering your Self Exclusion, you will be asked to confirm which products you would like to self-exclude from, with the option of All Products also given.

• Responsible Gambling

Betfair is fully committed to endorsing responsible gambling, as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment. Betfair's Responsible Gambling Policy sets out its commitment to reduce the negative effects of problem gambling and to promote responsible gambling practices.

Using the ‘My Bets’ section, which can be located on the Betfair Exchange App and Website, can enable users to reflect on their betting activity and take action if they believe it is necessary to do so, with support mechanisms provided by Betfair in numerous ways.

A host of Responsible Gambling measures such as ‘Deposit and Loss Limits’, ‘Reality Checks’ and ‘Self-Exclusion’ can be immediately implemented when requested via usage of the Live Chat function, whilst other useful tools can be accessed such as the ‘Budget Calculator’, ‘Gambling Diary’ and the ‘Self-Assessment Test’. Usage of the afore-mentioned tools can enable a Betfair Exchange user to visualise their activity clearly, and make a further judgement on their approach towards their own personal gambling experience going forwards, with support and guidance provided throughout the process.