Betting on the Tote

How does Tote betting work?

The Tote is UK and Irish horse racing’s best-known example of pool betting, also called parimutuel betting, from the French for ‘mutual betting’.  Explained very simply, pool betting works by adding up all the money that’s been bet on a race or other event, and using the total to pay out to all those who made the winning selection, or chose a winning combination. Learn more here >

Choosing the right Tote bet

The decisions punters employ when constructing their bets are very important factors when it comes to wagering on any given bet type - learn more about the Tote bet types here > 

Creating permutation bets on the Tote

Before placing any exotic bets on the Tote, it’s worth taking a moment to explain the term ‘permutations’, or ‘perms’. These are a common feature of Tote betting, and whilst learning how they work is simple, recognising the opportunity to use them takes experience, but can pay great dividends. Learn more here > 

Exotic bet types on the Tote

Having introduced you to betting on horses to win or to place on the Tote, we now come to the range of other types of bet available on the Tote. These are known as ‘exotics’. Learn more here > 

How to bet on the Tote using Timeform

Timeform products can clearly be used to help you bet smarter, but you probably have to delve a little deeper to assist with your Tote bets. Read our guide >