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Simply click a price on Race Passes and we’ll take you off to place your bet with your favourite bookmaker. You can also place single bets from the Bet Slip – just click the price in the Bet Slip.

Our Bet Slip allows you to build up your selections before you begin placing multiple bets with your favourite bookmakers. Click the +BET button to add your selections and then, when you’re ready, hit ‘Bet Now’ to go to your chosen bookmaker’s site and place your bets.

Select the bookmaker prices you want to display on Race Passes by switching the toggles between show and hide in the Bookmaker Manager, or use the Currently Showing selection screen. We will automatically display the best odds from your chosen bookmakers.

Note that Betfair Exchange prices are available to logged in customers only and are not included in the best odds calculation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps it would be better to call this section 'Somebody Once Asked'. It provides answers to enquiries we've received that we thought other customers might find useful.

If you can't find the answer here please see the contact page for ways to get in touch.


  • Welcome to our new website

    Welcome to our new website

    We've upgraded our website to bring a fresh look and to make it mobile responsive, while keeping all of your favourite Timeform features.

  • How do bundles work?

    How do bundles work?

    It's now possible to buy some Timeform downloads in bundles. Here's how.

  • When does my current subscription expire?

    When does my current subscription expire?

    If you were a customer on our previous site you probably got used to seeing it in the page header. It's still easy to find on our this site, though.

  • Why am I seeing 'insufficient funds'?

    Why am I seeing 'insufficient funds'?

    Sometimes a transaction is refused even though you appear to have enough credit in your account. Here's why.

  • What are vouchers? How do I use them?

    What are vouchers? How do I use them?

    Vouchers, or promotional codes, are familiar to anyone who shops online. Here's how to use them at

  • What is the Analyst's Verdict?

    What is the Analyst's Verdict?

    For many Timeform customers the true value of Timeform lies in the breadth and sophistication of information available, allowing them to weigh various factors before reaching a conclusion and, perhaps, a genuine betting opportunity. Some, however, prefer to set out with a few specific pointers to guide them.