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Commercial & API Services


Timeform's single Global Sports API is the platform through which we deliver all our commercial data.


It means that with one simple integration exercise you could have access to all of Timeform's content as permissions to access new sports or jurisdictions can be given instantly.


API access is available to both commercial partners and individual users, with or without rights to onward display. Click the links for a brief overview of the datasets we offer and explore the other pages to see just some of the applications Timeform can help with.


Click here to view our Horse Racing API parameters
Click here to view our Greyhound API parameters


We offer comprehensive coverage of horse racing in Great Britain and Ireland and of greyhound racing in Great Britain. For commercial operators, we also offer content for North American and South African horse racing and the GSA can be used as a channel for delivery of Australian horse racing.


You can see a sample day of horse racing data from the API by completing the registration process at https://www.globalsportsapi.com/. This includes a full xml schema.


API for private use

There are two subscription levels for horse racing, standard and premium.

If you would like to know whether specific datasets not mentioned are standard or premium please get in touch.


There is a single subscription level for the Greyhounds API of £830 per month. This includes premium and standard data.


All prices exclude any applicable sales taxes, such as VAT. In each case, the minimum contract period is a year.


Due to licencing restrictions, Infogol products are only available to commercial customers.



Answers to frequently asked questions


I need access to the API for my dissertation. As a student can I get free access? Sorry, but the API is only available on commercial terms.


I have a system I'd like to test before subscribing. Can I just obtain historical data? The API is intended to deliver pre-race data to commercial customers. You can access historical data as a subscriber but it is not available to purchase separately.


I only need results/pedigrees/ratings. Can I just buy those? We are not currently offering tailored API access, only the packages described above.


Does the data go back to when Timeform started in 1948? The API is a production service and offers the same coverage, from the early 1990s, as our horse racing website. (Please see the terms and conditions for full details.) Timeform's annual ratings are not available through the API.


Does the API include sectionals data? Currently sectionals data is available only in spreadsheet format from our online shop.


Can I access Betfair/Paddy Power/Sky Bet odds through the Timeform API? There are no bookmakers prices included in the API. Please see the Betfair Developers website for details of Exchange API access.


I have a great business idea and the API would be perfect. Can you help? Give us your pitch! If we like it we’ll support you by providing free access to data for a period and, potentially, other business resources to help you make a flying start.