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The Global Sports API (GSA) provides data for a variety of sports, including football, greyhounds and horse racing. Leveraging experience of working with data combined with a deep knowledge for analysis and betting, the information available via the GSA supports partners, including betting companies and media outlets, who are looking to offer their users a richer experience.

Global Sports API

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Timeform have been industry leaders for horse racing analysis and data in the UK and Ireland since 1948, and are globally renowned for accuracy, credibility and judgement.

With this long history of racing analysis and data, our dedicated and experienced team enriches pre-race, race-day and post-race data, to create a wide range of products, from tips and hints, to ratings and informative statistics. These products cater for a variety of customers and use cases, helping enhance user experience and ensuring they feel better informed.

Standard data

  • Core pre-race, race-day and post-race data: to power race cards and results
  • Timeform Analyst Verdicts, including 1-2-3s a race summary and selections by a Timeform Analyst
  • Star Ratings: easy to understand ratings for the chances of each runner
  • Horse-by-Horse comments: contextualized summary of each runner.
  • Smart Stats: informative statistics for horses, trainers, jockeys and more
  • Plus more

Premium data

By choosing premium and using the same single integration, you would have access to all of the standard data above, but you could also utilise:

  • Pace Maps: data to predict likely pace and early positions of runners
  • Timefigures: Time-based performance ratings
  • Timeform Ratings: master, adjusted and performance ratings calculated by an experienced team of handicappers
  • Timeform Flags: premium insight around horses, trainers and jockeys
  • In-Running and Pace Hints: comments and hints about in-play odds and pace scenarios
  • Timeform Sectionals: race-level sectionals of a race
  • Timeform Race Report and Performance comments: detailed analysis of the race and performances available within one working day of the race
  • Plus more

To make an enquiry about any of our products, contact us today:

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What our partners think

" In ITV7 we want to make Racing accessible to all, educate our audience and increase the enjoyment for new and existing Racing fans. When looking at the options available to us within the market Timeform stood out above the rest as meeting those goals.

Additionally through all of our experiences dealing with Timeform we know the quality service we will receive in order to ensure frictionless, swift implementations for our development teams

The Timeform Star Rating and Verdict in particular cut through a sport filled with jargon and offer really useful information to the user while still offering the detail required for our racing experts. We look forward to working with Timeform on further integrations to enrich that user experience further. "

Luke Lockwood, Senior Product Manager - ITV7

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Other Packages

Print Services

Timeform is capable of providing custom print solutions for your business, leveraging the expertise of Timeform’s analysts and information to build engaging content for your customers. We’ve worked with some of the largest names in the racing industry to provide racecards, betting guides, CRM content and even commentator packs for broadcast!

Media & AV Services

Located in Flutter's Leeds tech hub, we have access to our brand new state-of-the-art studio to produce first class audio and visual content.


I have a great business idea and the API would be perfect. Can you help?

Give us your pitch! If we like it we’ll support you by providing free access to data for a period and, potentially, other business resources to help you make a flying start.

Can I access Betfair/Paddy Power/Sky Bet odds through the Timeform API?

There are no bookmakers prices included in the API. Please see the Betfair Developers website for details of Exchange API access.

Does the API include sectionals data?

Currently sectionals data is available only in spreadsheet format from our online shop.

I need access to the API for my dissertation. As a student can I get free access?

Sorry, but the API is only available on commercial terms.

I have a system I'd like to test before subscribing, can I just obtain historical data?

The API is intended to deliver pre-race data to commercial customers. You can access historical data as a subscriber but it is not available to purchase separately.

I only need results/pedigrees/ratings. Can I just buy those?

We are not currently offering tailored API access, only the packages described above.

Does the data go back to when Timeform started in 1948?

The API is a production service and offers the same coverage, from the early 1990s, as our horse racing website. (Please see the terms and conditions for full details.) Timeform's annual ratings are not available through the API