1996 Grand National Race Result

1 Silk colours for ROUGH QUEST who is trained by T. Casey 0.0 ROUGH QUEST 10 10-7 7/1
J: Mick Fitzgerald T: T. Casey
2 Silk colours for ENCORE UN PEU (FR) who is trained by M. C. Pipe 1.25 ENCORE UN PEU (FR) 9 9-5 14/1
J: D. Bridgwater T: M. C. Pipe
3 Silk colours for SUPERIOR FINISH who is trained by Mrs J. Pitman 16.0 SUPERIOR FINISH 10 10-2 9/1
J: R. Dunwoody T: Mrs J. Pitman
4 Silk colours for SIR PETER LELY who is trained by Micky Hammond 0.1 SIR PETER LELY 9 9-2 33/1
J: Mr C. Bonner T: Micky Hammond
5 Silk colours for YOUNG HUSTLER who is trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies 0.75 YOUNG HUSTLER 9 11-7 8/1
J: C. Maude T: Nigel Twiston-Davies
6 Silk colours for THREE BROWNIES who is trained by M. F. Morris, Ireland 4.0 THREE BROWNIES 9 8-6 100/1
J: Paul Carberry T: M. F. Morris, Ireland
7 Silk colours for LIFE OF A LORD who is trained by Aidan O'Brien, Ireland 14.0 LIFE OF A LORD 10 11-6 10/1
J: C. F. Swan T: Aidan O'Brien, Ireland
8 Silk colours for ANTONIN (FR) who is trained by Mrs S. A. Bramall, Ireland 13.0 ANTONIN (FR) 8 9-7 28/1
J: J. Burke T: Mrs S. A. Bramall, Ireland
9 Silk colours for OVER THE DEEL who is trained by Howard Johnson 2.5 OVER THE DEEL 10 8-11 33/1
J: Mr T. McCarthy T: Howard Johnson
10 Silk colours for VICOMPT DE VALMONT who is trained by Paul Nicholls 15.0 VICOMPT DE VALMONT 11 8-8 22/1
J: Philip Hide T: Paul Nicholls
11 Silk colours for CAPTAIN DIBBLE who is trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies 4.0 CAPTAIN DIBBLE 11 9-12 40/1
J: T. Jenks T: Nigel Twiston-Davies
12 Silk colours for RIVERSIDE BOY who is trained by M. C. Pipe 2.0 RIVERSIDE BOY 13 9-7 66/1
J: D. Walsh T: M. C. Pipe
13 Silk colours for OVER THE STREAM who is trained by Kim Bailey 14.0 OVER THE STREAM 10 8-6 50/1
J: Andrew Thornton T: Kim Bailey
14 Silk colours for GREENHILL RAFFLES who is trained by Lucinda Russell 2.0 GREENHILL RAFFLES 10 8-8 100/1
J: M. Foster T: Lucinda Russell
15 Silk colours for INTO THE RED who is trained by J. White 3.0 INTO THE RED 12 8-9 33/1
J: R. Guest T: J. White
16 Silk colours for LUSTY LIGHT who is trained by Mrs J. Pitman 31.0 LUSTY LIGHT 10 10-11 14/1
J: Warren Marston T: Mrs J. Pitman
17 Silk colours for SURE METAL who is trained by D. McCain 31.0 SURE METAL 13 8-6 200/1
J: D. McCain T: D. McCain