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19:00 Thursday 10 October 2019 KEMPTON PARK

Mr Ian Williams silks

Horse Profile


Age, Colour, Sex 9 b g (21 Mar 2010) Trainer Ian Williams
Trainer History David Barron until 4 May 2014
Peter Chapple-Hyam until 27 May 2013
Owner Mr Ian Williams Pedigree ENGLISH CHANNEL (USA) 126 RAW GOLD (USA) 108 RAHY (USA) 115
Flat 93 Adjusted 110
Premium Horse Comment

Flat: sturdy gelding: fairly useful handicapper: 9/2, below form when 1¾ lengths fourth of 8 to Tomily in claimer at Chelmsford last time, nearest finish: stays 1m: acts on polytrack, firm and soft going: tried in hood: races towards rear.


Date Crs/Class/Type Result Res Btn Type OR Dis Going Eq Jockey ISP BSP IP Hi/Lo IPS FS% Tfig TFR Adj
31 Oct 19 ChC C6 Clm Stks 4/8 1.70 AW C 7f Slow Stevie Donohoe 9/25.5 6.4 -/3.2 4 100.4 72 p85+ p102+
is operating below best at present but did best work in the finish back down in trip; held up, headway over 1f out, kept on, nearest at the finish.
10 Oct 19 Kem C2 Hcap 10/14 4.70 AW 88 8f Slow Jim Crowley 33/134 76.86 -/38 4 101.7 96 p84 p101
back on all-weather, fared no better; in rear, headway 2f out, effort flattened out; not one to be interested in.
25 Sep 19 Goo C2 Hcap 4/9 7 Turf 88 8f Heavy Cieren Fallon (3) 10/111 13.72 -/7 4s 98.6 86 84 101
back up in trip, had a good-value claimer enlisted but just seems to be going through the motions these days, acknowledging he doesn't have form on ground quite this testing; slowly into stride, came wide straight, headway when hung right under 3f out, every chance 2f out, faded over 1f out.
7 Sep 19 Asc C2 Hcap 15/16 6 Turf 89 7f Gd/Frm Darragh Keenan (3) 33/134 80.72 -/55 4 76 83 100
after 6 weeks off, underperformed, has possibly gone off the boil; always behind.
27 Jul 19 Asc C3 Amat Hcap (0-90) 2/8 2.50 Turf 89 7f Gd/Sft Miss Serena Brotherton 2/13f 3.4 -/3.2 4l 97 93 110
strong in the betting, after just 3 days off, ran to a similar level as last time, a bit laboured in truth and perhaps finding this coming a bit quick; held up, off the bridle before most, stayed on final 1f, took second near line.
24 Jul 19 San C3 Hcap (0-90) 4/6 2.50 Turf 89 7f Gd/Frm James Doyle 13/27.5 8.4 -/6.2 3 108.9 54 94 111
is yet to fully fire this season, perhaps in decline at the age of 9; mid-field, ridden when switched over 2f out, one paced.
12 Jul 19 Nmj C3 Hcap (0-90) 11/13 17 Turf 92 7f Firm James Doyle 20/121 36 -/12 3 100.7 84 57 74
can have a line put through this run; raced centre, mid-division, progress over 2f out, intimidated/hampered soon after, no chance after, not persevered with once held; this was his first start in a 0-90 since his last win and he at least got a bit more involved than previously this year.
22 Jun 19 Red C3 Hcap (0-95) 10/12 3.15 Turf 95 7f Good Paddy Mathers 8/19 14 -/13.5 3 86 93 110
ran to a similar level to last time, still short of what he was doing last year; mid-field, ridden over 2f out, made little impression.
31 May 19 Eps C2 Hcap (0-100) 6/12 3.10 Turf 97 7f Good Jim Crowley 25/126 42 -/5 4 101.2 107 96 113
has got closer to form by the run this year; held up, ridden when hung left from 3f out, stayed on final 1f, never a threat.
10 May 19 Chs C2 Hcap (0-105) 7/12 6 Turf 98 7.6f Soft Jason Watson 20/121 30 -/22 5S 94.6 108 88 105
ran better than on his reappearance despite blowing his chance at the start, probably still working his way back to peak fitness; very slowly away, in rear, effort when denied a run over 2f out, switched to inner and made some headway before flattening out in the final 1f, not knocked about.
27 Apr 19 Hay C2 Hcap 11/14 13.5 Turf 100 7.2f Soft Richard Kingscote 16/117 35.23 -/32 5s 100.6 90 68 85
tends to need his first run back and that looked the case again, spared a hard race back from 6 months off; dwelt, raced well off the pace, effort over 2f out, never involved but not unduly punished.
168 day break
10 Nov 18 Don C2 Hcap (0-105) 3/11 1.20 Turf 100 7f Gd/Sft James Doyle 6/17 8.2 -/7 4 100.2 87 105 122
again ran creditably and deserves credit for consistency, hitting the frame on his last 6 starts now; held up, pushed along under 3f out, ran on; will continue to give a good account, including on all-weather.
16 Oct 18 Lei C2 Hcap (0-110) 2/7 0.50 Turf 100 7f Gd/Sft Ryan Moore 5/23.5f 3.79 -/3 4s 111 101 118
continues in good heart, though added another near miss to his record; dwelt, raced off the pace, headway 2f out, kept on, never nearer; he showed last winter that he can act on all-weather.
6 Oct 18 Asc C2 Hcap 3/15 3.25 Turf 100 7f Gd/Sft Jim Crowley 12/113 19.78 -/9.8 4 109 104 121
hasn't won for a year, telling the tale of a tricky customer, but he holds his form well, also reminding here that he's versatile with ground, a high draw putting him on the right path (near flank), the same as the first 2, those 2 packing more punch in the finish.
7 Sep 18 Asc C2 Hcap (0-105) 4/9 2.80 Turf 101 8f Gd/Frm Ryan Moore 3/14jf 4.33 -/2 3 124 104 121
again ran his race but needs things to fall just right from this sort of mark, never better than mid-field here; mid-field, effort 2f out, one paced.
1 Sep 18 Chs C2 Hcap 4/12 1.30 Turf 101 7.6f Gd/Frm David Probert 8/19 11.05 -/7 96.0 105 106 123
again ran well though looked tricky, possible that the track didn't suit but he certainly wasn't helping his rider; raced off the pace, short of room over 1f out, forced to switch, hung left and looked awkward, ran on, never nearer.
11 Aug 18 Asc C2 Hcap (0-100) 2/10 0.50 Turf 99 8f Gd/Frm Adam Kirby 9/110 11.5 -/8.2 5r 108.6 88 107+ 124+
found it easier out of top-end handicaps, running as well as he's ever done and doing a bit better than the bare result to boot, getting the splits up the inner but still deserving credit for getting as close as he did in a race not run to suit his hold-up style.
3 Aug 18 Goo C2 Hcap 13/17 6.5 Turf 97 8f Gd/Frm Robert Havlin 20/121 30.17 -/24 5k 102.4 109 89+ 106+
played an extreme waiting game from an outside stall, saved up in last until over 1f out, making a purposeful dive then, but the congestion was still too much by even that stage, barely having a race.
28 Jul 18 Asc C2 Hcap 10/27 1.72 Turf 97 7f Gd/Frm Silvestre De Sousa 10/111 14.21 -/11.5 5 113 100+ 117+
was right behind the winner in the Bunbury Cup, no chance of repeating the trick from his position here, settled last in the less-favoured group, failing by just a neck to finish first amongst those, that in itself making it clear he's still at the top of his game.
14 Jul 18 Nmj C2 Hcap 2/18 0.50 Turf 97 7f Good Robert Havlin 25/126 44 -/2.2 4kr 99.2 122 104+ 121+
has been given a chance by the handicapper and bounced back to his best to go close, perhaps unlucky not to win given he raced on the stand side and did more than 10 lengths better than anything else from that group, though he did get a tow into the race and had merged with the principals by 2f out; held up, travelled well, headway 2f out, challenged final 1f, finished best, took share of second dying strides; like the winner he's in at Ascot later in the month and a similar effort will see him on the premises.
16 Jun 18 Yor C2 Hcap (0-105) 6/12 4.60 Turf 100 7f Gd/Frm Richard Kingscote 20/121 36 -/32 4 103.4 108 96+ 113+
took a step back in the right direction, not seen to best effect but doing enough to believe he'll be back to something like his best next time, whether he's well enough handicapped to win another matter; patiently ridden, headway 2f out, no extra final 1f.
26 May 18 Chs C2 Hcap (0-105) 10/12 10 Turf 101 7.6f Good Adam Kirby 33/134 60 -/60 5s 94.9 83 84 101
fared no better than on reappearance and doesn't seem to have returned in much form; dwelt, always behind.
12 May 18 Asc C2 Hcap 24/27 10.5 Turf 101 7f Gd/Frm Fran Berry 40/141 80.66 -/65 4s 92 80+ 97+
was below form after 6 months off, best not judged too harshly given his position; raced near side, slowly into stride, held up, never involved, left poorly placed.
170 day break
23 Nov 17 ChC C2 Hcap 4/11 1.12 AW 102 7f Slow Richard Kingscote 7/24.5jf 4.91 -/4 5sr 98.9 111 p107 p124
is much higher in the weights after his good spell but quickly returned to form back down in trip after just 5 days off, getting the tempo that suits his style and finishing well; slowly into stride, in rear, headway over 1f out, stayed on, nearest at the finish.
18 Nov 17 Lin C2 Hcap (0-105) 7/11 4.05 AW 102 8f Std William Buick 10/111 16.5 -/25 5p 104.2 112 p98+ p115+
back up in trip/back on all-weather after just 7 days off, faced a different scenario to recent runs and it didn't really suit, dipping below the form of those earlier efforts as a result; in rear, raced freely, never landed a blow, left poorly placed.
11 Nov 17 Don C2 Hcap (0-105) 2/19 0.20 Turf 99 7f Gd/Sft Richard Kingscote 16/117 25.43 -/1.37 4kr 99.5 98 108+ 125+
continues to thrive for this in-form yard, taking another step forward here, one that shows a mark in the high 90s is workable; waited with, smooth progress 2f out, produced to lead 1f out, kept on well but cut down final 50 yds by one played even later.
13 Oct 17 Yor C4 Hcap (0-85) 1/19 2.00 Turf 91 7f Good Richard Kingscote 5/16jf 6.37 9.8/- 4kr 96.5 94 107+ 124+
followed up from last time under a penalty after just 7 days off, Kingscote executing the same tactics perfectly, going away at the finish; steadied at the start, held up, travelled well, good headway 2f out, stayed on to lead final 1f, kept going well; in the form of his life but handicapper is due a say.
6 Oct 17 Asc C4 Hcap (0-85) 1/18 1.50 Turf 85 7f Gd/Sft Ryan Moore 13/27.5 8.91 17.5/- 5kr 103.8 111 100+ 117+
has been contesting some of the toughest handicaps all season, shaping well on occasions, and, down in class and with Ryan Moore taking over, he was back to his best to capitalise on a falling mark; dropped out, travelled fluently, good progress over 1f out, stayed on to lead final 100 yds and forged clear; this track and strong pace suited him ideally and he may find life tougher again next time.
9 Sep 17 Asc C2 Hcap 10/17 4.09 Turf 87 7f Soft George Wood (3) 12/113 16 -/8 2 102.9 103 86 103
is possibly in better heart than recent form figures suggest and will benefit from having his sights lowered a little; in touch, effort 2f out, not quicken.
26 Aug 17 Goo C2 Hcap 10/19 6 Turf 87 7f Good Ryan Powell 25/126 42.37 -/42 5 103.1 85 81+ 98+
shaped similarly to last time and is definitely in better heart than recent form figures suggest, therefore not one to write off (already on last winning mark) even if he continues to look a bit tricky; bumped start, raced well off the pace, ridden over 2f out, carried head bit awkwardly, headway when not clear run final 1f, finished with running left.
29 Jul 17 Asc C2 Hcap 8/27 4.47 Turf 88 7f Gd/Sft Ryan Powell 50/151 140.24 -/120 4 99.0 105 87 104
shaped as if back in form under more familiar tactics, albeit looking a little awkward along the way; raced far side, raced off the pace, still plenty to do 2f out, ran on, never nearer; there'll be easier handicaps for him to contest with his mark as it is.
14 Jul 17 Nmj C2 Hcap 9/18 9.5 Turf 88 7f Gd/Frm James Doyle 14/115 17.38 -/15 2f 101.5 91 76 93
ran one of this season's lesser races, ridden less patiently that suits him best; raced stand side, chased leaders, shaken up 3f out, weakened inside final 1f.
29 Jun 17 Nmj C2 Hcap (0-100) 4/8 1.22 Turf 88 7f Gd/Sft (h) William Buick 8/19 8.91 -/2.96 4r 103.7 99 94+ 111+
in first-time hood, wasted no time getting back to form; held up, headway under pressure approaching final 1f, stayed on, not ideally placed.
17 Jun 17 Yor C2 Hcap (0-105) 17/18 19.5 Turf 89 7f Gd/Frm James Doyle 8/19 9.68 -/9 4pf 98.1 47 39 56
is best not judged on this run; raced very wide, held up, took strong hold, effort over 2f out, weakened, not unduly punished, not well placed.
25 May 17 Goo C2 Hcap (0-105) 4/10 2.05 Turf 89 7f Gd/Frm Silvestre De Sousa 5/16 7.31 -/4.9 5sp 103.6 101 94+ 111+
at a track where he has a good record, ran to a similar level as when filling same spot in the Victoria Cup less than 2 weeks ago; slowly into stride, in rear, not settle fully, hung right from 3f out, kept on well final 1f, never nearer; will probably remain hard to win with.
13 May 17 Asc C2 Hcap 4/24 1.80 Turf 89 7f Gd/Frm Jimmy Quinn 33/134 50 -/27 4P 101.3 91 96+ 113+
as with last year, came on plenty for reappearance, probably also suited by drop back in trip, running as well as he's ever done; in rear, pulled hard, still on bridle when short of room 2f out, weaved through final 1f, never nearer; quirky sort who is still higher in weights than for last success, but is well suited by a big-field environment.
12 Apr 17 Not C3 Hcap (0-95) 11/11 11 Turf 90 8.3f Good Robert Winston 10/111 12.84 -/12.5 5s§ 103.0 82 74 91
represents an in-form yard but ran no sort of race after 5 months off, showing a temperamental side; missed the break, in rear, not look keen, never landed a blow.
158 day break
5 Nov 16 Don C2 Hcap (0-105) 11/17 4.60 Turf 91 7f Gd/Frm Robert Havlin 10/111 15 -/2.96 3sk 77 87+ 104+
better judged on previous form, one of the quartet who raced in the unfavoured stand-side group; dwelt, mid-division, travelled fluently, effort 2f out, kept on.
29 Oct 16 Nmr C3 Hcap (0-95) 4/9 3.20 Turf 91 8f Gd/Frm James Doyle 4/15 5.67 -/2.14 5s 100.0 91 95 112
wasted no time confirming himself still in good heart; slowly into stride, held up, switched to join main group before halfway, good headway 2f out, every chance 1f out, carried head bit awkwardly, no extra final 100 yds.
7 Oct 16 Yor C2 Hcap (0-100) 9/19 5.5 Turf 91 8f Gd/Frm Robert Winston 9/110 10.68 -/11 4 100.9 93 86+ 103+
still in top form, the race not going his way, drawn wide for one thing, and ridden with little conviction over a different trip to normal, keeping to the inside.
24 Sep 16 Nmr C2 Hcap (0-105) 2/12 0.75 Turf 90 7f Gd/Frm Fran Berry 6/17 7.4 -/3.2 4sr 104.2 90 97+ 114+
back under a fully-fledged rider, ran at least as well as previously, doing well to split a couple of more prominently-ridden rivals; slowly into stride, in rear, rapid headway around 2f out, kept on well, nearest at the finish; this was just his fourth run of the year so he's fresher than most he'll meet, and should continue to give a good account.
27 Aug 16 Goo C2 Hcap 6/17 2.35 Turf 90 7f Gd/Frm Mitch Godwin (7) 10/111 15 -/14.5 4 101.7 96 93 110
ran creditably in a stronger handicap than last time, coming from a similar position to the second and fourth from a wide draw, so no real excuses; held up, effort 3f out, edged left, stayed on inside final 1f.
27 Jul 16 Goo C3 Hcap (0-95) 1/16 0.50 Turf 87 7f Gd/Frm James Doyle 14/115 17.99 21/- 3r 102.3 114 96 113
was fitter for his reappearance, this race quite possibly the plan all along, and he got back on the up, a revelation over the last 15 months, successful on 5 of his last 8 starts now; mid-field, came wide 2f out, stayed on to lead well inside final 1f, pushed out; will continue to run well.
2 Jul 16 Hay C2 Hcap (0-100) 5/9 5 Turf 87 6f Soft James Doyle 9/25.5 6.8 -/4 4 99.9 83 74+ 91+
probably needed the run after 9 months off; held up, headway when not clear run over 2f out, never a threat but not unduly punished.
274 day break
2 Oct 15 Asc C4 Hcap (0-85) 2/18 0.02 Turf 84 7f Gd/Frm William Buick 6/17jf 7.92 -/1.31 2P 100.4 111 94 111
has had an excellent season and all but made it 5 wins from 6, failing by the narrowest margin, another personal best in performance terms; tracked pace, pulled hard, challenged entering final 1f, ran on, just failed; no reason to think he won't continue in form.
19 Sep 15 Nmr C4 Hcap (0-80) 1/13 1.50 Turf 76 7f Good William Buick 9/25.5f 6.2 12.5/- 5sr 100.6 104 92+ 109+
enhanced his tremendous strike-rate for the year, this a career best, the manner of victory suggesting further improvement/success could be on the cards; dwelt, in rear, good headway over 1f out, led approaching final 1f, kept going well.
24 Aug 15 Lei C4 Hcap (0-80) 1/8 0.50 Turf 74 7f Soft William Twiston-Davies 9/25.5cf 5.7 6/- 4k 96.9 96 82 99
had shaped well in defeat last time and wasted no time getting back on track, making it 3-4 for the season and proving his versatility with regards underfoot conditions, though leaving the impression that 7f on this ground is his limit; hampered start, raced off the pace, smooth headway from 2f out, produced to lead inside final 1f, driven out; will continue to give good account.
11 Jul 15 Sal C5 Hcap (0-75) 3/8 2.75 Turf 74 6f Gd/Frm Timmy Murphy 2/13f 3.08 -/3 4sk 99.7 92 75 92
well backed, shaped as if still in good form, this a race in which it proved difficult to make up ground whilst he also met some trouble; dwelt, raced off the pace, travelled well, headway when 2f out, kept on; still looks on a fair mark and remains one to be interested in.
19 Jun 15 Goo C5 Hcap (0-70) 1/9 0.50 Turf 69 6f Good William Twiston-Davies 5/23.5f 3.6 4.3/- 4sr 100.2 97 79+ 96+
raised 5 lb for his reappearance win at Salisbury, remained on a fair mark based on his form for previous connections and followed up in a race that was run to suit; dwelt, held up, headway 2f out, led last ½f, kept going well; will possess the handicapping scope to complete the hat-trick.
23 May 15 Sal C6 Hcap (0-65) 1/14 1.00 Turf 64 6f Firm Robert Winston 11/26.5 7.03 7.4/- 100.0 98 74 91
well backed back on turf, had dropped long way in weights and ended long losing run after 5 months off; mid-field, headway 2f out, switched over 1f out, led last ½f, hung right, driven out; will remain with handicapping scope but has patchy recent profile and didn't look the easiest of rides once hitting the front.
162 day break
12 Dec 14 Wol C5 Hcap (0-70) 12/12 29 AW 70 9.5f Fast Robert Winston 25/126 48.18 -/22 1F 29 t13 t30
fared no better over this 2f longer trip; raced wide, led, headed 3f out, folded tamely.
10 Nov 14 Kem C4 Hcap (0-78) 10/13 19.5 AW 73 7f Std/Fast Robert Winston 20/121 27 -/17 1 23 p23 p40
season has been a write-off, not putting his mind to it, running very wide on the bend, soon folding.
28 Oct 14 Cat C4 Hcap (0-80) 11/12 8.5 Turf 77 6f Soft Robert Winston 25/126 33.36 -/9.6 64 56 73
again offered little, looking a difficult ride to boot; close up, lost place when awkward on bend over 2f out, beaten when hung left over 1f out; plenty to prove at present.
15 Oct 14 Not C4 Hcap (0-85) 11/14 14.5 Turf 80 5.1f Soft Robert Winston 16/117 22 -/30 3l 49 50 67
ran poorly on first outing since leaving David Barron after 5 months off down at the minimum trip for the first time; mid-division, soon off bridle, beaten over 1f out.
Change of Stable: David Barron to Ian Williams
164 day break
4 May 14 Ham C4 Hcap (0-80) 10/11 39 Turf 80 6f Gd/Sft Robert Winston 5/23.5f 3.8 -/3.1 2F
well backed after 8 months off, did well last year and clearly wasn't 100% on the day; prominent, folded tamely 2f out, eased.
226 day break
20 Sep 13 Ayr C2 Hcap 7/27 4.45 Turf 80 6f Soft Robert Winston 8/19 10.61 -/2.6 3 98 74+ 91+
back down in trip, shaped as if still in good form; bumped start, raced far side, mid-division, challenged over 2f out, one paced, third home in group; on a fair mark and remains one to bear in mind.
17 Aug 13 Nmj C4 (0-80) 2/10 6 Turf 80 7f Good Robert Winston 5/42.25f 2.36 -/1.54 3 92 82 99
failed to meet market expectations, but didn't have things go his way on the day; mid-field, took keen hold, not clear run approaching 2f out, ridden over 1f out, kept on, no impression on winner; worth another chance; remains open to improvement.
26 Jul 13 Thi C4 (0-80) 1/9 1.25 Turf 72 7f Good Robert Winston 11/43.75jf 4.03 8/- 3Kr 78 89+ 106+
is progressing quickly now and did well to overhaul another improver having conceded first run; mid-field, travelled strongly, met some trouble around 2f out, stayed on to lead last ½f, had bit in hand; will go on getting better and should continue to be hard to beat.
2 Jul 13 Ham C5 1/11 7 Turf M 6f Gd/Frm Robert Winston 2/13f 3.26 3.4/- 3Kr 93 80+ 97+
confirmed debut promise at second attempt making first appearance since leaving Peter Chapple-Hyam; mid-field, travelled strongly, steady headway around 2f out, produced to lead 1f out, forged clear; didn't beat much here, but bred to do a fair bit better still, and looks like one to be interested in moving in to handicaps.
Change of Stable: Peter Chapple-Hyam to David Barron
27 May 13 Red C5 4/9 6 Turf M 6f Gd/Frm Robert Winston 7/24.5 5.3 -/3.55 2f 68 50 67
was suited by this 1f shorter trip but disappointingly failed to progress from debut, the run perhaps coming too soon after just 9 days off; prominent, produced to lead around 2f out, headed soon after, faltered.
18 May 13 Nwb C4 8/11 8 Turf M 7f Gd/Frm Pat Cosgrave 25/126 86.44 -/42 3P 50 64 81
(by English Channel: brother to winner abroad and half-brother to several winners abroad: dam, 4.5f-7f (including US Grade 2 at 2 yrs) winner) hinted at ability; waited with, pulled hard, ridden over 2f out, made little impression; may do better.

Future Entries


Code Runs Wins Places ISP P/L Best TFR
Flat 61 9 12 -4.75 108