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8 ARTISAN BLEU (IRE) silk ARTISAN BLEU (IRE) J: Joey Haynes Fin: 3/11
ISP: 17/2
19:50 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Adam West
11 ASAMOSA (USA) silk ASAMOSA (USA) J: Luke Morris Fin: 4/11
ISP: 9/1
13:40 SOUTHWELL T: Andrew Balding
3 ARCTIC POET silk ARCTIC POET J: Thomas Doggrell Fin: 10/10
ISP: 400/1
17:12 TAUNTON T: Bob Buckler
2 AMERICAN GERRY (IRE) silk AMERICAN GERRY (IRE) J: Nathan Brennan Fin: 2/10
ISP: 14/1
17:12 TAUNTON T: Chris Gordon
5 ARONIUS (GER) silk ARONIUS (GER) J: Harry Skelton Fin: pu/16
ISP: 2/1f
15:40 TAUNTON T: Dan Skelton
9 ARCHIMEDES (IRE) silk ARCHIMEDES (IRE) J: Graham Lee Fin: 7/10
ISP: 28/1
15:25 SOUTHWELL T: David C. Griffiths
1 AVELLINO (IRE) silk AVELLINO (IRE) J: Robbie Power Fin: 1/14
ISP: 4/7f
14:20 CLONMEL T: Dermot Anthony McLoughlin, Ireland
3 AN MARCACH (IRE) silk AN MARCACH (IRE) J: Rachael Blackmore Fin: 1/14
ISP: 7/2
15:30 CLONMEL T: Des Donovan, Ireland
ISP: 12/1
15:40 TAUNTON T: Evan Williams
2 ALFOSKI (IRE) silk ALFOSKI (IRE) J: Kielan Woods Fin: 7/13
ISP: 300/1
13:55 TAUNTON T: Graeme McPherson
1 AMBASSADORIAL (USA) silk AMBASSADORIAL (USA) J: Richard Kingscote Fin: 3/4
ISP: 9/1
18:20 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Jane Chapple-Hyam
11 ANGEL EYES silk ANGEL EYES J: James Sullivan Fin: 6/10
ISP: 66/1
15:25 SOUTHWELL T: John David Riches
7 AS YOU LIKE (IRE) silk AS YOU LIKE (IRE) J: William Kennedy Fin: 5/8
ISP: 20/1
14:05 LUDLOW T: Jonjo O'Neill
3 AN TAILLIUR (FR) silk AN TAILLIUR (FR) J: Richie McLernon Fin: 6/16
ISP: 66/1
12:30 LUDLOW T: Jonjo O'Neill
ISP: 150/1
16:50 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Joseph Tuite
12 ALUNA QUARTZ silk ALUNA QUARTZ J: Ben Poste Fin: 8/16
ISP: 250/1
12:30 LUDLOW T: Katy Price
15 AUENWIRBEL (GER) silk AUENWIRBEL (GER) J: Mitchell Bastyan Fin: 7/16
ISP: 7/2
15:40 TAUNTON T: Laura Young
17 ACROSS THE PARK (IRE) silk ACROSS THE PARK (IRE) J: James Best Fin: pu/16
ISP: 125/1
15:40 TAUNTON T: Linda Blackford
5 ALJARI silk ALJARI J: Ben Curtis Fin: 6/8
ISP: 11/2
14:15 SOUTHWELL T: Marco Botti
1 AIMEE DE SIVOLA (FR) silk AIMEE DE SIVOLA (FR) J: Chester Williams Fin: 2/9
ISP: 13/2
13:30 LUDLOW T: Nick Williams
2 ADJALI (GER) silk ADJALI (GER) J: Daryl Jacob Fin: 2/5
ISP: 4/1
13:00 LUDLOW T: Nicky Henderson
4 ARCADIAN PEARL (IRE) silk ARCADIAN PEARL (IRE) J: Joe Anderson Fin: 9/17
ISP: 10/1
15:15 LUDLOW T: Nicky Henderson
1 AUTHORIZO (FR) silk AUTHORIZO (FR) J: Ross Turner Fin: 12/17
ISP: 8/1
15:15 LUDLOW T: Oliver Greenall
4 ASANGY (ITY) silk ASANGY (ITY) J: Fergus Gregory Fin: pu/13
ISP: 200/1
15:50 LUDLOW T: R. Edwards
1 AL RASMAH (IRE) silk AL RASMAH (IRE) J: Billy Garritty Fin: 3/6
ISP: 8/1
17:20 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Richard Fahey
7 A TOUCH OF LUCK (GER) silk A TOUCH OF LUCK (GER) J: Tony Hamilton Fin: 5/11
ISP: 9/2
16:30 SOUTHWELL T: Richard Fahey
7 AMERICAN IMAGE (IRE) silk AMERICAN IMAGE (IRE) J: Miss A. O'Sullivan Fin: pu/13
ISP: 10/1
16:05 CLONMEL T: S. Michael Millar, Ireland
17 ALTUMANINA silk ALTUMANINA J: Lewis Stones Fin: pu/17
ISP: 50/1
15:15 LUDLOW T: Sam Allwood
5 AQUILA SKY (IRE) silk AQUILA SKY (IRE) J: Robert Dunne Fin: 4/8
ISP: 17/2
14:40 LUDLOW T: Sam Allwood
3 ASK AND ANSWER (IRE) silk ASK AND ANSWER (IRE) J: Philip Enright Fin: 3/13
ISP: 18/1
16:35 CLONMEL T: Sean Aherne, Ireland
2 AURA BLUE (IRE) silk AURA BLUE (IRE) J: Jack Mitchell Fin: 3/9
ISP: 10/1
16:50 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Simon & Ed Crisford
3 ARIJ (IRE) silk ARIJ (IRE) J: Jack Mitchell Fin: 2/9
ISP: 9/4f
19:20 CHELMSFORD CITY T: Simon & Ed Crisford
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