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Pelaw Grange

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0:00 (R1) Sunday 05 August 2018
Grade: (T4) Distance: 435m Racing: Flat
Tf Going: -0.1 Going: -10.0
Forecast: £0.00 Tricast: £0.00
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Pos Btn Trap Greyhound Age Bend Comments Comments ISP TFR
Official Time (Sectional) Trainer BSP
1st - 4 A BIT OF HOPE 3b 3222 Scr Crowded4,LedNrLine Scr Crowded4,LedNrLine
26.68 S Ray
2nd 2 A BIT OFA CUDDLE 2b 2111 R6 LedFrom1ToNrLine R6 LedFrom1ToNrLine
26.78 Unknown Trainer
3rd 1 3 TILL ROBIN 3b 4433 R3 ClearRun R3 ClearRun
26.85 S Ray
4th 1 A BIT OF ROSIE 2b 1344 R10 LedTo1,MidToWide R10 LedTo1,MidToWide
27.40 Unknown Trainer
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