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21:08 (R11) Thursday 27 June 2019
Grade: (OR) Distance: 695m Racing: Flat
Prizes: 1st £250, Others £50 Total: £450

Track Profile: Short run to first bend and Trap 1 strongly favoured. Very tough test at the distance and late-running types do extremely well.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 4435T PIVOINE EMINENT 0/4 0/2
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D D Knight (11.53%) bk b May17 0/2 Laughil Blake Winning Impact Middle
Usual sluggish start will make things tricky.
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2 T6421 CLOHEENA WOODY 3/22 1/7
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J T Kingsley (0%) bkw d Jul17 1/7 Skywalker Luke Roo Wen Middle
Exploits on the clock make for bleak reading here. Unproven at this trip.
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3 21333 DROOPYS SUCCESS 12/49 7/24
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J J Heath (14.28%) bd d Nov16 7/24 Azza Azza Azza Droopys Talia Middle
Good case can be made for this one on final time alone.
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5 36T46 JIMMY WASSUP 4/25
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W R Wrighting (16.66%) wbd d Jun17 Droopys Nidge Tiddly Winks Middle
Needs to find several lengths in this company. Unproven at this distance.
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6 33212 ROCKMOUNT MINT 6/43 5/27
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A E Gardiner (16.12%) bd b Nov16 5/27 Tarsna Havana Powerfast Pigeon Wide
Hard to fault recent efforts much. Any scrimmaging on the inside will help its cause.
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