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21:02 (R10) Sunday 19 March 2023
Grade: (A7) Distance: 460m Racing: Flat
Prizes: 1st £105, Others £40 Total: £305

Track Profile: Trap 1 slightly favoured. Front runners do better here than at standard trips elsewhere, partly because first bend is tight and there is often trouble in behind.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (21-Day Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 5T353 BLOOMS RED RUM 1/13 1/10
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J Bloomfield (19.11%) bd d May21 1/10 Pestana Partners Roisin Middle
Not easy to be optimistic about in this line up. Often outpaced early on.
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2 TT511 SWEET CAROLINE 3/4 2/2
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P J Dolby (36.36%) bk b Aug21 2/2 Ballymac Anton Mays Fiddlefaddle Middle
Usually does its best running at the finish.
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3 33124 AMERICANO 2/13 2/5
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J Bloomfield (19.11%) bk b Jun21 2/5 Sparta Maestro Boreen Magic Middle
Matched previous best last time out. Will find this less demanding.
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4 46432 SAVANA JUDITH 4/24 2/9
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G A Payne (12.5%) bd b Feb21 2/9 Ballymac Eske Savana Jessica Middle
Should have matters in hand some way from the finish. Hard to peg back when getting on the bunny.
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5 55421 SWIFT LIZARD 5/25 3/7
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B W Ashpole (50%) bd d Nov20 3/7 King Elvis Swift Bach Middle
Fairly beaten in last couple of starts. Facing stiffer task than in its last race.
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6 T2456 POISON 11/54 8/45
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J Bloomfield (19.11%) bd b Apr20 8/45 Ballymac Best Try Colour Wide
Holding its form extremely well. Task here doesn't look as hard as last time.
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21:02 Henlow Racecard on Sunday 19 March 2023

The 460m 21:02 A7 at Henlow will be run on Sunday 19 March. The total prize money for this race is £305, with the winner getting 1st £105, Others £40 .

The Timeform Analyst's Verdict for this race is Savana Judith, who is trained by G A Payne .