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21:16 (R11) Friday 23 August 2019
Grade: (A1) Distance: 480m Racing: Flat
Prizes: 1st £200, Others £50 Total: £400

Track Profile: Galloping track but difficult first bend means those in last 2 then still have low win percentage.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 63651 RAMOR SWIFT 2/9 1/4
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S J West (16.66%) bkw b Sep17 1/4 Tullymurry Act Milldean Holly Middle
Shows best form when quickly on the bunny. Will find this less demanding.
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2 66464 CRONIN 16/77 9/35
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B D O'sullivan (13.2%) bebd d Nov15 9/35 Droopys Jet Cruel Intentions Middle
Been finding winning at this level tough.
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3 6TT62 ABIKA 4/18 0/5
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D P Brabon (8.69%) bk b Oct16 0/5 Kinloch Brae Dirt Bird Middle
Having second run back. Claims of others are more irresistable.
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5 TT213 QUEEN DOLLY 1/4 1/2
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D P Brabon (8.69%) be b Jan18 1/2 Leamaneigh Turbo Queen Asia Wide
Excellent effort on the clock last time. Sectionals improving. Considerably less on plate today.
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6 31115 OUR PIGGY BOY 14/98 11/61
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B D O'sullivan (13.2%) be d Jul16 11/61 Superior Product Slaneyside Texie Wide
Disappointing if not collecting prize in some capacity. Much less on plate on this occasion.
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