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20:54 (R10) Sunday 20 September 2020

Central Park Stayers Division 2

Grade: (OR) Distance: 642m Racing: Flat
Prizes: 1st £240, Others £40 Total: £440

Track Profile: Those in last 2 early have relatively low win rate despite galloping nature of track.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (21-Day Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 T5445 BALLYKEVIN SARAH 9/48 0/2
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M N Fenwick (18.07%) bd b Feb18 0/2 Droopys Nidge Graigues Penny Middle
Could well be involved in the finish.
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2 34666 UNIMATRIX ZERO 12/62 6/30
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S Maplesden (15.78%) bdw b Jun16 6/30 Droopys Jet Now Its Alex Middle
Not been at best for a while. Unproven at this distance.
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3 51523 BOHERASH ANGEL 6/35 2/17
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N E M Mcellistrim (17.91%) bk b Apr17 2/17 Godsend Boherash Realta Middle
May lack the form to see off some classier rivals. Likely to be out the back early.
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4 53T31 CONGRESS SHARON 15/45 1/2
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R B York (7.14%) bk b Feb17 1/2 Kinloch Brae Rushmoorbeatrice Middle
Disappointing if not collecting prize in some capacity.
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5 351T5 UNLIKELY ROGUE 5/27 3/9
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D J Elcock (0%) f d May18 3/9 Ballymac Eske Droopys Rogue Wide
Creditable candidate today. Regular fast start will see it in pole position.
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6 21131 GIZMO WEEJAY 5/18 4/12
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A M P Collett (18.85%) be b Jul18 4/12 Droopys Roddick Lynseys Weejay Wide
Plenty to play for judged on recent runs. Likely to be in rear early. Well boxed in the stripes.
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20:54 Central Park Racecard on Sunday 20 September 2020

The 642m 20:54 OR at Central Park will be run on Sunday 20 September. The total prize money for this race is £440, with the winner getting 1st £240, Others £40 .

The Timeform Analyst's Verdict for this race is Unlikely Rogue, who is trained by D J Elcock .