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20:43 (R9) Friday 07 August 2020
Grade: (A3) Distance: 480m Racing: Flat
Prizes: 1st £130, Others £40 Total: £330

Track Profile: Galloping track but difficult first bend means those in last 2 then still have low win percentage.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 316T6 KEREIGHT CHASER 6/26 6/18
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R W Butler (10.52%) bd d Jun18 6/18 Droopys Jet Kereight Niamh Middle
Hard to find much fault in recent performances. This race represents a drop in class.
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2 14344 RATHRONAN MAX 10/51 4/28
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M N Fenwick (16%) bk d May17 4/28 Farloe Blitz Rathronan Global Middle
Expected to be in the shake up. Task here doesn't look as hard as last time.
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3 T4141 BALLYNABEE TITAN 2/5 0/2
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D P Brabon (17.64%) bk d Aug18 0/2 Droopys Roddick Nans Lucky Middle
Not yet 23 months now making debut. Unlikely to be too far away at the death.
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4 43252 EL DIAMOND 3/48 0/20
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S Mavrias (14.28%) bk d Apr17 0/20 Jacksajem Droopys Cher Middle
Second race back from time away. Usually tapped for a couple of yards of early toe.
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5 55622 DECISIVE DESIRE 15/99 1/5
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M N Fenwick (16%) bk b Dec16 1/5 Laughil Blake Nellie Attack Middle
Usually finds itself on the back foot early.
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6 56533 CANVAS JET 16/85 2/20
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P B Philpott (25%) dkbd d Sep16 2/20 Droopys Jet Lagile Lily Wide
Front runner with the ability to see off all comers.
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20:43 Central Park Racecard on Friday 07 August 2020

The 480m 20:43 A3 at Central Park will be run on Friday 07 August. The total prize money for this race is £330, with the winner getting 1st £130, Others £40 .

The Timeform Analyst's Verdict for this race is Kereight Chaser, who is trained by R W Butler .