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20:27 (R9) Sunday 16 February 2020
Grade: (OR) Distance: 480m Racing: Hurdle
Prizes: 1st £200, Others £50 Total: £450

Track Profile: Galloping track but difficult first bend means those in last 2 then still have low win percentage.

Trap Greyhound Flags WinRec TrapRec Mstr Sect Odds
Form Trainer (21-Day Strike Rate) AgeSexCol TrapRec Sire Dam Seed
1 4TT45 ROUGH STAR 2/11 2/5
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D Mullins (15.95%) bk d Nov15 2/5 Droopys Jet White Star Middle
Prospects today look non existent. Start times suggest will have to come from behind.
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2 36TT5 DROOPYS CRUISER 5/20 0/6
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R J Holloway (26.66%) be d Jul17 0/6 Scolari Me Daddy Droopys Isabella Middle
Time-wise well in front of these.
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3 62436 BANDIT OLLIE 0/35 0/8
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A J S Phillips-Hill (0%) bd d Apr16 0/8 Skywalker Puma Flomur Perla Middle
Can be relied upon to be on A game on recent evidence.
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4 T3T52 EARLY ELTON 0/6 0/5
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B D O'sullivan (12.82%) bk d Jan18 0/5 Romantic Rambo Early Blitz Middle
Chance today looks very small. Usual tapped for a yard of early toe.
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5 T2316 TRADE CENA 2/20 2/7
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D P Brabon (15.38%) bk d Jun17 2/7 Big Daddy Cool Tyrur Shelia Wide
Disappointing of late.
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6 T35TT PADDINGTON 0/4 0/2
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D Puddy (7.14%) f d Sep16 0/2 Tyrur Big Mike Full Of Beans Wide
Should be in the thick of things if trapping well.
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20:27 Central Park Racecard on Sunday 16 February 2020

The 480m 20:27 OR at Central Park will be run on Sunday 16 February. The total prize money for this race is £450, with the winner getting 1st £200, Others £50 .

The Timeform Analyst's Verdict for this race is Droopys Cruiser, who is trained by R J Holloway .