2004 Grand National Race Result

1 Silk colours for AMBERLEIGH HOUSE (IRE) who is trained by D. McCain 0.0 AMBERLEIGH HOUSE (IRE) 12 10-10 16/1
J: Graham Lee T: D. McCain
2 Silk colours for CLAN ROYAL (FR) who is trained by Jonjo O'Neill 3.0 CLAN ROYAL (FR) 9 10-5 10/1
J: L. Cooper T: Jonjo O'Neill
3 Silk colours for LORD ATTERBURY (IRE) who is trained by M. C. Pipe 2.0 LORD ATTERBURY (IRE) 8 10-1 40/1
J: Mark Bradburne T: M. C. Pipe
4 Silk colours for MONTY'S PASS (IRE) who is trained by James Joseph Mangan, Ireland 29.0 MONTY'S PASS (IRE) 11 11-10 20/1
J: Barry Geraghty T: James Joseph Mangan, Ireland
5 Silk colours for SPOT THEDIFFERENCE (IRE) who is trained by Enda Bolger, Ireland 1.0 SPOT THEDIFFERENCE (IRE) 11 10-4 50/1
J: Richie McGrath T: Enda Bolger, Ireland
6 Silk colours for SMARTY (IRE) who is trained by Mark Pitman 3.5 SMARTY (IRE) 11 9-10 100/1
J: Andrew Tinkler T: Mark Pitman
7 Silk colours for ARDENT SCOUT who is trained by Sue Smith 17.0 ARDENT SCOUT 12 10-3 50/1
J: Warren Marston T: Sue Smith
8 Silk colours for BEAR ON BOARD (IRE) who is trained by Alan King 8.0 BEAR ON BOARD (IRE) 9 10-1 14/1
J: Robert Thornton T: Alan King
9 Silk colours for KINGSMARK (IRE) who is trained by Martin Todhunter 18.0 KINGSMARK (IRE) 11 11-7 66/1
J: Mick Fitzgerald T: Martin Todhunter
10 Silk colours for THE BUNNY BOILER (IRE) who is trained by Noel Meade, Ireland 0.3 THE BUNNY BOILER (IRE) 10 10-8 33/1
J: Ross Geraghty T: Noel Meade, Ireland
11 Silk colours for DAVIDS LAD (IRE) who is trained by A. J. Martin, Ireland 31.0 DAVIDS LAD (IRE) 10 11-4 12/1
J: Timmy Murphy T: A. J. Martin, Ireland