2000 Grand National Race Result

1 Silk colours for PAPILLON (IRE) who is trained by T. M. Walsh, Ireland 0.0 PAPILLON (IRE) 9 10-12 10/1
J: R. Walsh T: T. M. Walsh, Ireland
2 Silk colours for MELY MOSS (FR) who is trained by Charles Egerton 1.25 MELY MOSS (FR) 9 10-1 25/1
J: Norman Williamson T: Charles Egerton
3 Silk colours for NIKI DEE (IRE) who is trained by P. Beaumont 12.0 NIKI DEE (IRE) 10 10-13 25/1
J: R. Supple T: P. Beaumont
4 Silk colours for BRAVE HIGHLANDER (IRE) who is trained by J. T. Gifford 7.0 BRAVE HIGHLANDER (IRE) 12 9-9 50/1
J: Philip Hide T: J. T. Gifford
5 Silk colours for ADDINGTON BOY (IRE) who is trained by Ferdy Murphy, France 0.3 ADDINGTON BOY (IRE) 12 11-2 33/1
J: Adrian Maguire T: Ferdy Murphy, France
6 Silk colours for CALL IT A DAY (IRE) who is trained by Alan King 3.0 CALL IT A DAY (IRE) 10 10-11 50/1
J: Barry Geraghty T: Alan King
7 Silk colours for THE LAST FLING (IRE) who is trained by Sue Smith 4.0 THE LAST FLING (IRE) 10 11-5 14/1
J: Seamus Durack T: Sue Smith
8 Silk colours for LUCKY TOWN (IRE) who is trained by Enda Bolger, Ireland 9.0 LUCKY TOWN (IRE) 9 10-5 20/1
J: D. J. Casey T: Enda Bolger, Ireland
9 Silk colours for DJEDDAH (FR) who is trained by Francois Doumen, France 2.0 DJEDDAH (FR) 9 11-8 16/1
J: T. Doumen T: Francois Doumen, France
10 Silk colours for HOLLYBANK BUCK (IRE) who is trained by A. J. Martin, Ireland 27.0 HOLLYBANK BUCK (IRE) 10 10-4 33/1
J: P. Niven T: A. J. Martin, Ireland
11 Silk colours for BOBBYJO (IRE) who is trained by Thomas Carberry, Ireland 7.0 BOBBYJO (IRE) 10 11-6 12/1
J: Paul Carberry T: Thomas Carberry, Ireland
12 Silk colours for KENDAL CAVALIER who is trained by G. B. Balding 4.0 KENDAL CAVALIER 10 10-6 33/1
J: Barry Fenton T: G. B. Balding
13 Silk colours for SUNY BAY (IRE) who is trained by Simon Sherwood 1.5 SUNY BAY (IRE) 11 11-12 66/1
J: C. Maude T: Simon Sherwood
14 Silk colours for FEELS LIKE GOLD (IRE) who is trained by Nicky Richards 11.0 FEELS LIKE GOLD (IRE) 12 10-7 28/1
J: Brian Harding T: Nicky Richards
15 Silk colours for CAMELOT KNIGHT who is trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies 0.75 CAMELOT KNIGHT 14 9-8 150/1
J: Ollie McPhail T: Nigel Twiston-Davies
16 Silk colours for KINGDOM OF SHADES (USA) who is trained by Venetia Williams 17.0 KINGDOM OF SHADES (USA) 10 10-4 50/1
J: T. Jenks T: Venetia Williams
17 Silk colours for CELTIC GIANT who is trained by L. Lungo 22.0 CELTIC GIANT 10 9-7 100/1
J: Bruce Gibson T: L. Lungo